10 Best AI Humanizers to Convert AI to Human Text

March 27, 2024
Natalie Thorburn

In the world of content creation, AI humanization has become crucial to ensure that AI-generated text sounds authentic and passes undetected by AI detectors. However, with the abundance of AI humanizer tools available, it can be challenging to determine the most reliable and effective ones. This comprehensive review aims to uncover the 10 best AI humanizers that excel in converting AI to human text, with AIHumanizer positioned as the top choice.

1. AIHumanizer - Best AI Humanizer Overall

Key Features:

  • Bypasses most AI detectors easily
  • Provides human-like results in multiple languages
  • Suitable for various fields and professions
  • Guarantees zero grammatical errors or plagiarism

AIHumanizer leads the pack as the best AI humanizer overall. Unlike other tools that rely on simple word replacements, AIHumanizer undertakes comprehensive line-by-line revisions to ensure the resulting text sounds completely human-written. It consistently achieves high human pass rates on AI detectors like GPTZero, Originality.ai, ZeroGPT, and others, making it highly effective in bypassing AI detection. The tool is versatile and can be used by students, marketers, webmasters, and more. Furthermore, AIHumanizer delivers unique, original content while preserving grammatical correctness and readability.

If you're curious to learn more, there is another extensive review of AIHumanizer.

2. Humbot - Best AI Humanizer for Consistent Bypass Results

Key Features:

  • Extremely easy-to-use interface
  • Capable of processing any type of AI content
  • Multiple AI humanization options

Humbot is an excellent choice for first-time users who want to humanize AI text effortlessly. With its user-friendly platform, Humbot is designed to accommodate any type of AI-generated content, including articles, essays, reports, and emails. By simply pasting the AI content into the input box and clicking on 'Humanize', Humbot generates human-like versions that can bypass popular AI detectors like Copyleaks, Turnitin, and GPTZero. It offers modes like 'Quick', 'Enhanced', and 'Advanced' for various levels of AI detection evasion.

3. BypassGPT - Best AI Humanizer for Fast & Efficient Processing

Key Features:

  • Fast AI humanization techniques
  • Offers multilingual support with error-free results
  • Features enticing affiliate and influencer programs

BypassGPT stands out for its exceptional speed in converting AI to human text. Whether it's Turnitin, ZeroGPT, Winston AI, or GPTZero, BypassGPT can rewrite AI content within seconds, ensuring a high human score. With an easy-to-navigate interface, it works seamlessly with any content type. BypassGPT also provides generous word counts at reasonable prices and supports paraphrasing in over 50 languages, making it ideal for processing large amounts of AI content quickly. Additionally, the tool offers attractive affiliate and influencer programs, allowing users to earn extra money through promotion.

4. HIX Bypass - Best AI Humanizer for Native Language Content

Key Features:

  • Can humanize AI text in 50+ languages
  • Ensures error-free and clear output
  • Offers extensive features and capabilities

HIX Bypass is a reliable AI humanizer that specializes in converting AI text to human in multiple languages. Its advanced algorithms enable text restructuring to resemble natural human writing styles, resulting in content that goes undetected by popular AI detectors like Copyleaks and GPTZero. The tool maintains contextual accuracy and readability, ensuring that the original message is effectively conveyed. HIX Bypass supports languages such as English, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, French, and more, making it suitable for engaging native audiences. The tool also provides an intuitive user interface, facilitating a smooth humanization experience.

5. Bypass AI - Best AI Humanizer for High-Quality Output

Key Features:

  • Delivers authentic, human-like results
  • Provides spam-free and contextually accurate output
  • Can bypass numerous AI detection systems

For those seeking authentic, natural-sounding results, Bypass AI is an excellent choice. Trained on an extensive dataset of human-written content, this humanizer perfectly mimics real human writing styles, making AI-generated content undetectable to advanced AI detectors like Turnitin, WinstonAI, and Originality.ai. Bypass AI ensures the original meaning of the text is conveyed accurately, reducing the risk of content misunderstanding. With a focus on high-quality output, this tool guarantees error-free content that maintains context and readability. It is suitable for various content types and can bypass a multitude of AI detection systems.

6. Undetectable AI - Best AI Humanizer for Competitive Pricing

Key Features:

  • Offers affordable pricing options
  • Provides an intuitive user interface
  • Guarantees effective data privacy and protection

Undetectable AI is known for both its ability to humanize AI text and its highly competitive pricing structure. With plans starting at just $6.99/month for 5,000 words with the Basic plan, Undetectable AI offers some of the lowest prices in the market. The platform ensures a smooth and frictionless experience with its intuitive user interface. It also prioritizes data and content privacy by implementing industry-standard encryption measures. Undetectable AI is a great option for those looking to get value for their money, and it even offers a free trial to test its capabilities before committing to a paid plan.

7. CogniBypass - Best AI Humanizer for Specific AI Bypassing

Key Features:

  • Facilitates personalized AI humanization
  • Refines content to guarantee quality results
  • Offers several extra features and functionalities

CogniBypass differentiates itself by offering customized AI humanization options, allowing users to humanize AI text specific to the AI detection model they aim to bypass. For example, it ensures content beats Turnitin's AI detection model flawlessly. The tool uses state-of-the-art content filters to refine and guarantee high-quality output that is unique and highly coherent. CogniBypass includes a built-in grammar checker, a dropdown thesaurus, and even its own AI text generator to help create undetectable content.

8. WriteHuman - Best AI Humanizer for SEO-Optimized Content

Key Features:

  • Provides a unique keyword freeze option
  • Suitable for humanizing industry-specific texts
  • Includes a built-in AI detector that's free to use

WriteHuman is an effective AI humanizer designed to optimize content for search engines. It offers unique keyword freeze functionality that allows users to insert specific words or terms in brackets to ensure their inclusion in the final humanized output. WriteHuman ensures the seamless integration of keywords for enhanced readability, making it particularly useful for academic or technical content. The tool includes a built-in AI detector that scans and verifies the undetectability of the content. Furthermore, the AI detector is completely free to use, offering convenience and cost-effectiveness.

9. StealthWriter - Best AI Humanizer for Extensive Features

Key Features:

  • Enables easy content editing
  • Contains a built-in AI content generator
  • Provides multiple humanized text variations

StealthWriter offers a wide range of features to streamline the AI humanization process. It allows easy customization by presenting users with alternative options for specific sentences within the content. With multiple humanized content drafts, users have the flexibility to choose the most suitable output. Additionally, StealthWriter includes an AI detector for accurate detection and an AI content generator to speed up the writing process. These extensive features make StealthWriter an ideal choice for users looking for a comprehensive and versatile AI humanizer.

10. Phrasly - Best AI Humanizer for User-Friendliness

Key Features:

  • Has a built-in grammar checker
  • Accommodates free plan users
  • Features an extremely user-friendly platform

Phrasly stands out as the most user-friendly AI humanizer on this list. Its aesthetically pleasing and well-organized user interface minimizes complexity, making it accessible to all users, including novices. With both an AI humanizer and an AI detector accessible in one portal, Phrasly eliminates the need for navigating different pages. The tool includes a built-in grammar checker to ensure error-free content output. Phrasly offers a free plan for users to explore its capabilities without any financial commitment.


In conclusion, selecting an AI humanizer that suits your specific needs is crucial for producing undetectable and engaging AI content. The 10 options listed above excel in their respective areas, but AIHumanizer stands out as the top choice for comprehensive and reliable humanization of AI text. With its free testing credit, you can experience its full capabilities before opting for a paid plan. Remember to use these AI bypass tools responsibly and ethically to maintain the integrity of AI content creation.▍


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