10 Car Tech Features You Need to Consider

November 11, 2022
Natalie Thorburn

It's no secret that cars are becoming more and more high-tech with each passing year. But with so many new features and technologies, it can take time to know which ones are worth your money. So here are ten car tech features you need to consider before making your next purchase.

1. Entertainment Systems

If you spend a lot of time in your car, you’ll want to consider an in-car entertainment system. These systems can include GPS navigation, hands-free calling, and more.

2. New Age Safety Features

Many newer cars are equipped with advanced features like blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and automatic braking. Having these features can also save money on car insurance rates. So if safety is a priority, look for a car with these features.

3. Wireless Connectivity

More and more cars are now coming with built-in connectivity features, meaning you can connect your vehicle to your smartphone or other devices. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are the two main choices available, depending on your phone preference. This connectivity can be extremely useful if you want to use your car’s infotainment system or other features while on the go. It is also quite useful for auto repair software products.

4. Digital Keys

Many newer cars now have the option of having a digital key, meaning that you can use your smartphone and watch as your car key. This feature can be extremely convenient if you often lose your keys. It is also popular among outdoor enthusiasts and bikers as it allows you to leave your key at home while on a hike or ride.

5. Self-Parking

Consider a car with self-parking capabilities if you have trouble parking. This feature can be very helpful in tight spots or crowded areas.

6. Backup Camera

A backup camera, or rearview mirror camera, is a great safety feature in your car. It allows you to see behind you without having to turn your head. This feature can be very helpful when parallel parking or backing into a tight spot.

7. Air Purification System

Air purification is important to consider if you suffer from allergies or asthma. For example, Jaguar Land Rover is researching and developing future cabin air purification technology that can inhibit viruses and airborne bacteria by up to 97%.

8. Wi-Fi Hotspots

If you want to stay connected while on the go, look for a car that offers Wi-Fi hotspots. This can be a great feature if you often work from your vehicle or take road trips where multiple devices need to be connected to the internet.

9. Heads-up Displays

A heads-up display (HUD) projects important information onto your windshield. This feature can be very helpful as it lets you keep your eyes on the road while seeing your current speed, navigation directions, and more.

10. Reverse Brake Assist

Reverse brake assist is a feature that can help you avoid accidents when backing up. This feature uses sensors to detect objects behind your car and then applies the brakes if necessary. It can be extremely helpful when backing out of a parking space or driveway.

These are just some of the many car tech features you should consider when shopping for a new vehicle. Do your research and test different features to see what works best for you and your needs.


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