1215 Engagement Review - The Best Places to Buy a Gem-Quality Grown Diamond Ring

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

We've all heard of lab grown diamonds, but they can be confusing for new ring shoppers. Questions about pricing, stone quality, customer service, diamond certification and warranties are all on the mind of many couples looking to buy a grown diamond engagement ring. To help guide them, we consulted experts to compile this list of the best places to shop for a gem-quality grown diamond ring.

1. 1215 Engagement

1215 is a newly established subsidiary of the long-standing Diamond Nexus that exclusively sells engagement rings with grown diamonds. Their diamonds are certified as gem quality by the International Gemological Institute (IGI). They offer a wide range of styles and stone cuts for their rings, and they're priced very competitively. They also have a great warranty policy, covering their rings against factory defects for the lifetime of the ring.

2. Pure Grown Diamonds

The newer company Pure Grown Diamonds is a spin-off of the older Gemesis, who have rebranded themselves as "Pure Grown Diamonds". They've recently relaunched their website with their new branding and they offer an extensive selection of engagement and wedding bands that use only grown diamonds. They also have a very competitive price match guarantee on their website. Their diamonds are sourced from Europe and they have a high standard of quality.

While we wouldn't suggest wearing a ring with inclusions in it, we loved the sparkle and shine that this Grown Brilliance set delivered. The platinum ring and band are dripping in diamonds, with eighty-one total carats in each piece. They're a great option for the millennial who wants to show off her new engagement ring without worrying about the ethical concerns of mined diamonds.

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