2001 Subaru Forester Review

May 27, 2023
David Sunnyside

Subaru’s little all-wheel drive wagon has gained a devoted following because it looks like an SUV but drives and handles like a car. It has decent rear-seat room, low step-in height and a useful cargo area. The Forester isn’t a true off-roader but it can do most things that other small SUVs can do, including go through deep water or sand. Based on the rally-proven Impreza platform, the 2001 subaru forester review gets 165 horsepower from its 2.5-liter boxer four-cylinder engine and can tow 1,200 pounds. An automatic transmission with a hill-holding setup is optional. Air conditioning, power windows, roof rack, tachometer, front and rear defoggers, cassette stereo, antilock brakes and cruise control are standard on the L model. The high-end S has a toothy chrome grille, alloy wheels, bigger tires, a sunroof and more features.

According to RepairPal, the most common issue that owners have experienced with their Foresters is a problem with the front oxygen sensor (which measures the air-to-fuel ratio). This may crack, which will trigger an illuminated check engine light. It can also cause the catalytic converter to fail, which will prevent the vehicle from passing a state’s smog inspection test.

Owners have also reported a problem with the head gasket, which may leak coolant from the radiator. This can result in a loss of power, leaking oil and an illuminated check engine light. Fortunately, this is a relatively easy and inexpensive fix, and it’s covered by Subaru’s head gasket warranty.

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