2013 Ford Transit Connect Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

2013 ford transit connect review

Trucks and full-size vans are the workhorses of many businesses. But for those whose needs are more modest, these big and thirsty vehicles can be overkill. For these users, Ford offers the diminutive 2013 Transit Connect.

With carlike maneuverability and a relatively compact footprint, the Transit Connect can squeeze into places that larger vans would find inaccessible. The Transit Connect also offers impressive cargo capability, even with the rear seats folded down. Moreover, the Transit Connect gets decent fuel economy for such a large vehicle.

Many owners also like the Transit Connect's ride quality. While it certainly won't be a cruiser, the Transit Connect rides smoothly enough that potholes, bumps and other imperfections aren't likely to send loads flying or wear drivers out at the end of a long shift.

The Transit Connect comes standard with antilock brakes and traction control. Its brakes performed well in Edmunds testing, bringing the vehicle to a stop from 60 mph in 135 feet, which is an impressive figure for a light commercial vehicle. Owners also report good front- and side-impact protection.

Check the feature content on any used Transit Connect you might be considering, as numerous configurations were available for this model year. Some examples were offered with dual sliding doors for additional access to the cargo area. Others had flip-and-fold rear seating for passenger hauling, while still others were configured as Taxi Prep models. A rear-view camera is also optional. Depending on the model, other features may include a trip computer, power locks and windows, a radio/CD player and Ford's Sync infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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