Free Google Chrome Themes

Google Chrome browser is well known for its fast browsing speed and simple design, which allow users to surf the Internet with ease. The only feature lacking in Google Chrome browser was themes, but now Google team has released 29 beautiful themes for Chrome users.

Currently, Google Chrome themes are available for Google Chrome and above versions. It’s really very easy to install these themes on Google Chrome browser, you don’t have to make any registry changes in your operating system files. Here’s how you can install Google Chrome themes on Chrome browser –

Steps to Install Google Chrome Themes

1. Open Google Chrome Themes Gallery to download free Google Chrome themes.

Google Chrome Themes Gallery

2. Click on “Apply theme” button and download a theme.

3. The .crx theme file will be installed on your browser.

That’s it! Now, you can enjoy the new Chrome theme.

If you don’t want new theme on your browser, you can simply revert back to default theme by clicking on the “Back to default” option as shown in image below.


Screenshot of Google Chrome Themes


For more screenshots of Google Chrome themes, just head over to Google Chrome Themes Gallery.