8 Useful URL Shortening Services

In early days, we used to have long URLs all over the Internet, but now with the help of URL shortening services we can use small, shortened URLs. If you’re not aware of URL shortening then you can read our article on What is URL Shortening? It’ll give you perfect idea about shortening concept and its advantages.

These services are very useful, but it’s really difficult to choose the perfect one as there are various options available for shortening the long URLs. Here’s a list of some useful URL shortening services which you can use on daily basis.


1. TinyURL

TinyURL is one of the first popular URL shortening services on the Internet. It is developed by a web developer, Kevin Gilbertson. Many other shortening service providers launched their own services after seeing the tremendous popularity of TinyURL.

Link: TinyURL

2. Bit.ly

Bit.ly is another URL shortener, which offers statistical tools to keep the record of popular shortened links. Since Twitter opted Bit.ly as a default URL shortener in early 2009, it has gained huge popularity on social networking sites.

Link: Bit.ly

3. Snipurl

Snipurl is an advanced type of shortening service. Apart from URL shortening, it also provides other features like secure account, browser toolbar, multi-snipping and a facility to find popular snipped URLs.

Link: Snipurl

4. Tr.im

Tr.im is an URL shortening service, which has similar features to the Snipurl. It offers Firefox extension, dashboard widget, bookmarklets and ubiquity scripts as extra features.

Link: Tr.im

5. Is.gd

Is.gd is created by Richard West. It simply serves the purpose of URL shortening. You can mask your real email addresses with this service.

Link: Is.gd

6. Lin.cr

Lin.cr is designed by an Indian web developer, Aalaap Ghag. You can use Opera button and Firefox bookmarklet to use it on browser’s toolbar. For multiple links, try linkbun.ch.

Link: Lin.cr

7. Digg

Recently, digg.com has launched a new shortening service for users. The service is quite secured as digg doesn’t allow shortening of same URL again and again. The diggbar displays the no. of views received on shortened page. The shortened link can be shared with friends through e-mail, Twitter or Facebook.

Link: Digg

8. Su.pr

Su.pr is a developed by famous social bookmarking site, StumbleUpon. It is an advanced service, which has various interesting features for users. It offers statistics of each shortened URL. You can promote your website and track its clicks, stumbles etc. It also has a feature to post links to Twitter and Facebook account.

Link: Su.pr

You might find hundreds of such URL shortening services, but I recommend you to use these services as they are very efficient and reliable. If you find any other service which is worth to mention in this post then let me know through comments.