Airtel iPhone 3GS Price, Release Date Confirmed

As we know, Bharti Airtel has officially confirmed the iPhone 3GS in India. Now, they have announced the pricing details and release date of iPhone 3GS.

Many tech gurus were expecting cheap iPhone in India, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Airtel’s iPhone 3GS is too costly, and on top of that you’ll have to sign a contract with them.

iPhone 3GS Price in India

  • iPhone 3GS 16GB – Rs. 35,500* (Approx $780)
  • iPhone 3GS 32GB – Rs. 41,500* (Approx $900)

[*- Extra charges will be included.]

Release Date of iPhone 3GS in India

After looking at above prices, I don’t think anyone would want to buy it in India. But still, Airtel is releasing iPhone 3GS on Friday i.e. 26th March 2010. [More information here]

Some Thoughts on iPhone 3GS & 3G Service in India

iPhone 3GS was launched almost one year back in the US, which was obviously cheaper than above mentioned prices.

Entire world has started welcoming 4G technology. US telecom companies have been trying 4G in certain areas where as MTNL, one of the biggest telecom companies in India, is still struggling to implement 3G service in major cities.

Currently, MTNL is the only 3G service provider in India. No other company (including Airtel) has got such facility to provide 3G to their subscribers. And, no one can predict its availability in India.

Apple is going to reveal a new phone, probably iPhone 4G, in the 2nd quarter of 2010. They are also selling no-contract iPhone 3GS through AT&T.

Is it really worth to buy an ‘old iPhone 3GS’ at such outrageous prices?