Apple unveils New Battery Charger, iMac and Mac Pro

Along with the Magic Trackpad, Apple has updated its iMac and Mac Pro line up. The company has also introduced a new battery charger for rechargeable AA batteries. One more interesting they have launched today is the 27-inch LED Cinema Display.

Despite the iPhone 4 issues, Apple has taken strong decision to launch several products in the market. Steve Jobs had talked about the upcoming products in the recent conference, and some of them have been released today for users.

Let’s take a brief look at the new products below.

Apple Battery Charger


No one was really expecting Apple to launch this kind of product in the world market. Apple’s battery charger helps charge AA batteries, which can be used with devices like Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse, Wireless keyboard and other products that work on AA batteries.

Price: $29

New LED Cinema Display and iMacs


The new 27 inch Cinema Display supports 2560×1440 pixel resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio. It comes with iSight camera, 3 USB ports, ambient light sensor and a MagSafe connector.

Many people were hoping for an announcement of new iMacs. Finally, Apple did it today. The company has brought entirely new iMacs with Intel’s i3, i5 and i7 processors. This iMac line up includes 21.1 inch and 27 inch models, which will be released in different flavors. For more information about new iMacs, read here.

New Mac Pros


Apple has unveiled new Mac Pro desktop with 12 processing cores. The Intel Xeon processor boosts processing speed up to 50% more. The new Mac Pro features the quad-core and 6-core Intel Xeon processors with ATI graphics. More information here.