Google India brings ‘Free Internet’ to Google+ Users

Google India has officially tied up with O-Zone, a Wi-Fi provider in Indian telecom, to offer ‘Free Internet’ to the users.


Now, you must be wondering about the reason why Google has taken such step to offer free services in India. It’s simple – they just want to promote Google+ and YouTube in this emerging market.

O-Zone network has been providing Internet services across the India with its 5,000 hotspots. With this service provider, Google is now planning to promote its relatively new social network in various public places including restaurants, coffee shops, book stores etc.

This surely is an innovative strategy to promote the product, but we’re not sure whether it will work in favor of the company. It would have been interesting if such offer was available over 3G or other mobile services. Unfortunately, Google has decided to go with the cheaper option i.e. Wi-Fi hotspots, which is not much popular in the country.

The service provider, however, will roll out this short-term offer on this weekend and will continue it for the next three months, as stated in the contract.