iOS 5 vs. Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread – Is iOS Better than Android?

Update: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich vs. iOS 5

With the announcement of iOS 5 at WWDC 2011, the Android vs. iOS war has once again started on most of the online communities and forums. There are some people who strongly believe that Apple has copied most of the iOS 5 features from different versions of Android OS, but Apple fans still think that iOS 5 is much better than recent Android releases.

These mobile operating systems have created lots of confusion for the common man who don’t understand much about the various aspects of an operating system. Apple’s iOS based devices have been considered as the best electronic gadgets where as Android based devices have also gained popularity in recent time. So, which one is better?

Let’s compare iOS 5 with Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread –

Operating Systems
iOS 5 ios-5-1720384 Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread
Advanced Photo Editing Yes No

Wireless Streaming

Yes No
Twitter Integration Yes No
Game Center Yes No
Unified Notification System Yes Yes
One-touch Camera Yes No
Dedicated messaging Service Yes No
Magazine/Newspaper Subscription Service Yes No
Tabbed Browsing Yes No
Wireless Sync Yes No
OTA Updates Yes Yes
Release Date June 6, 2011 (Beta) May 3, 2011

Advanced Photo Editing


Apple has developed and enabled some advanced features in Camera application, which you won’t see in Android OS. However, Android users can still edit their photos with the help of third party apps. Some of these applications provide even more editing options than iOS’s native application.

Wireless Streaming


With Airplay Mirroring, Apple’s iOS 5 has gone one step ahead of Android. Now, iOS devices can wirelessly stream the content on big screens and you don’t have to use any cable to setup or install this service.

Twitter Integration


Not innovative, but it’s still missing from Android OS. Twitter has become an important tool to share news and information. Considering the need of this generation, Google should bring such feature in their next update.

Game Center


Apple’s online gaming community, Game Center, has been growing since the first day of its launch, and it has generated significant amount of revenue for the company. On the other hand, Android users are waiting to experience such service on their devices.

Unified Notification System


One of the most annoying features of iOS, the notifications, have been revamped in fifth generation iOS, and it looks very similar to Android notifications. Apple might have included a couple of changes in graphics, but it’s very much clear that the idea is taken from Google’s Android system.

One-touch Camera


Again, not an unique feature of iOS 5! Windows Phone 7 features lock screen camera, which can be used to click quick snapshots when phone is in locked mode. This WP7 feature is now available in iOS as well. Google Android users can enjoy one-touch camera feature by installing custom ROMs, but it would be beneficial for non-savvy users if Google team implements it in the future update.

Dedicated Messaging Service


BlackBerry’s popular messenger feature is being served with a new name, iMessage, on iOS platform. iMessage is just another improved form of BBM, and will work similarly on iOS devices. Android OS doesn’t have any such facility, and therefore users are relying on conventional messengers like Gtalk and YIM.

Magazine/Newspaper Subscription Service


iOS 5 has got another interesting feature for those who love to keep updated with latest news and updates. Apple’s Newsstand app lets users choose their favorite magazines as well as newspapers, which can be read in offline mode too.

Tabbed Browsing

safari-1747828Finally, we have tabbed browsing on Mobile Safari browser. In earlier versions of iOS Safari, there was no such option available for web surfers. As far as Android is concerned, they don’t have tabbed browsing feature in the default browser. However, it can be achieved by installing Dolphin browser on Android devices.

Wireless Sync


Although similar app was selling hot on Cydia store, non-jailbreakers couldn’t take advantage of its service. Now that Apple has officially brought Wi-Fi sync in iOS 5, all users can wirelessly sync their gadgets with iTunes.

OTA Updates


The long wait is over. OTA updates will be pushed for the later versions of iOS 5. As they said at the WWDC event, these updates will be rolled out in the form of Delta Updates, which means users can download only new features and bug fixes instead of entire iOS.

My Thoughts –

Both Android and iOS are currently standing on equal positions. It’s good to see that users will have two good options while buying a new phone from the market. The competition between these two platforms is actually working in favor of consumers.

Do leave your opinions about iOS 5 and Android 2.3.4 updates.

Update: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich vs. iOS 5