iPad 2 3G ‘Out of Stock’; iPad 3 Launch Imminent

When you hear about product shortages, you know that the new version of the product is going to arrive very soon. Apple has been following same strategy to come up with its new range of devices, and now it seems that they have decreased the production rate of iPad 2 models due to the expected iPad 3 launch.


Apple’s third generation iPad model, iPad 3, is likely to arrive in the month of March 2012, but it’s yet to be confirmed by the officials. However, some sources close to Apple’s product distribution channels have said that iPad 2 3G models are constrained, which clearly gives us an idea about the plan of company.

Many iPad 2 retailers have also put up “Out of Stock” labels on 3G iPad 2 models, though Wi-Fi variants are still available in sufficient quantity. And Apple will probably continue to produce Wi-Fi models at same production rate.

As far as 3G models are concerned, Apple is looking to introduce ‘global iPad’ (GSM + CDMA) device in the market. So, it’s quite possible that they are concentrating more on these new and improved devices than the old devices.