NFS and Road Rash Tops as Most Popular Games in India

Indian gaming industry is still in developing stage as compared to other industries in India. Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) has published a report on gaming in India where they have reported some interesting analysis on various aspects of gaming.

Gaming industry has seen significant growth in different sections like console gaming, internet gaming etc. According to IAMAI report, India has a great future in gaming market, and at the end of this year, industry is expected to generate almost 5750 million and 8125 million rupees from console and mobile gaming respectively.

Indian gamers are now attracting more towards MMOGs than single player games, and interestingly they are not relied on cyber cafes or gaming parlors. Report also says that gamers are taking more interest in racing, sports and shooting games. They have noticed increment in other gaming genres too which includes role playing and adventure based games.

In the generation of high end gaming, Need for Speed (NFS) and Road Rash are still most popular games in India. This clearly shows that gaming industry is lacking in terms of providing new games to large audience. Indian gamers always prefer reasonable and quality games, so game developers should keep these important points in mind before launching a new game in India.

If you’re a gamer or game developer, you should read this report on gaming in India. You can download it from following link.

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