2021 TaylorMade Spider S Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

The 2021 TaylorMade Spider line-up is a bit of a clutter — a word we use to describe a bunch of new putters with different shafts, head shapes, alignment systems and inserts. But amidst all that clutter is one putter that stands out above the rest: the high-MOI Spider S Platinum.

The combination of advanced materials and square shaping promotes the highest stability in the Spider family, delivering high forgiveness and consistent roll on strikes across the face. With a MOI of over 6,000, it’s the most forgiving putter in the lineup.

A heavy tungsten back bar further customises club head weight to match each length, influencing feel and performance. A deeper center of gravity delivers a higher MOI rating while the tungsten also reduces vibration and enhances feel by adding consistency to off-center hits.

Unlike some other metal-insert putters that can sound hollow or mushy, the Pure Roll insert provides a solid feel without sacrificing roll. This is due to the thicker face, which diminishes feel differences between softer and firmer balls.

The frame around the hole at address and the three short sightlines work together to make lining up putts easier than ever. The putter is also well-balanced, which should suit players with a straight-back, straight-through putting stroke who could benefit from the extra stability and forgiveness of this Spider’s design.

David Sunnyside
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