2022 Mah Jongg Card Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

2022 mah jongg card review

A new mah jongg card is published each year by the National Mah Jongg League. The rules and hand combinations remain the same, but the block conventions and tile combinations change from one year to the next. Join Michele Frizzell of Mah Jongg Central as she analyzes the 2022 mah jongg card.

This hands are power hands! A power hand is a group of 17 tiles with no singles and no pairs. This year, there are a number of these hands, including "2468" (Pungs #8), "1122" (Quints #3), and the bottom S&P hand on the 2022 mah jongg card. Remember: Jokers may be used in groups of 3 or more like tiles (pungs, kongs, sextets, and quints) but not in groups of four. See FAQ 19E and the back of your NMJL card.

A new rule this year allows you to discard a tile that is not the fourth wind in a 2022 hand. Just make sure you account for the wind in your other tiles. Also this year, the hand that takes four flowers now takes any dragon pungs and a reversible must be a red or green dragon.

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