5 Groundbreaking Possibilities of Metaverse For Game App Development

July 6, 2022
Akash Guha


From outfits to belongings, from fund collection to gaming, The new star, Metaverse, is simply taking over the human territories, gathering all the unimaginable infinite possibilities, and opening up new ways. But, nothing mentioned up there doesn't mean that Metaverse is harmful to humans. It benefits with trustability, infinity, and will work as a booster to the relevant industry.

Setting all the other industries aside, we'll talk about the benefits and the new possibilities that will take shape after Metaverse incorporates the gaming industry. The whole industry is going to reshape as it must change to align with the Metaverse.

What's The Metaverse?

You're familiar with the Harry Potter Universe, The MCU Universe, and the other famous universes. What if you can live their lives and universes?

Or how about you can feel someone far away from yourself by their existence, see them in front of your eyes (Not talking about video calls tho!)?

That's what Metaverse does. Metaverse replicates a parallel world irrespective of any boundaries and rules and can be accessed through devices like AR and VR. It creates a digital avatar of people or things that exist in the real world and tries to push away what real life can't do.

Exciting, right? Though about a match you're enjoying with your friend who lives far away sitting beside you, that's the future is pointing towards!

Now, let's get to know about the reasons why the gaming industry became the first entertainer of the Metaverse.

Why Did the Gaming Industry Welcome Metaverse?

The only industry that could align with Metaverse easily is gaming, as people were already dealing with games like Fortnite, GTA online, etc., and Metaverse provides similar open-world benefits like them.

Also, the metaverse-gaming industry skyrocketed during the covid 19 breakdown for social connection deprivation and to bring joy in bounded life. Metaverse games took that opportunity as Metaverse could fix the social deprivation problem and enhance the user experience.

After Meta and the industry majors decided to invest in Metaverse, the whole Metaverse Strom got its appearance. As per reports, the Metaverse-enriched gaming industry could accumulate $1 trillion by 2025, with VR gaming, Open World Gaming, and other gaming giants.

Now, the only thing needed is to make Metaverse technology cost-effective, which eventually will result in more enhancement, as more people will become attentive towards the same.

The Things We're Waiting For

More of Gaming

Games with Metaverse will not only replenish as games. We will get more of a game. Social recognition is one of the things. Although it is already there, things will take another shape with Metaverse.

Customizable Game

Traditional and recent games provide open-world reality experiences, but the player still must depend on the game company's server for updates and customization. Though, customization is rarely available.

Metaverse games will open up with customizable facilities, allowing users to customize their games. So, creators can enhance the existing games and earn through monetizing their content.

Real-World Gaming

There will be concepts and applications like real-life gaming, where you can play and manipulate real-life things with metaverse devices. It's like watching a new world based on the existing world.

Today we can enter the Metaverse only with AR and VR devices, but mobile cameras will play a good role in gaming soon.

Earn and Play

Earning with a playing platform is currently showing an uprise, getting more people's attention. Metaverse with cryptocurrency will enhance gaming with trading facilities, which will increase the industry of gaming as new players will enter the game.

2D to 3D

Every 2D experience gaming system will become 3D as soon as we have a glass to transform us to Metaverse; that's the most significant advantage for gaming.

3D gaming will get more importance over other types of gaming. All over, it will become everyone's cup of tea.

Now, after knowing about the changes that Metaverse offers, let's look at the existential Metaverse player and how they use Metaverse for gaming and related purposes. We'll talk about three gaming companies and how they're taking Metaverse gaming further.


Upland is one of the popular virtual world Metaverse games available now. The whole point of this game is based on buying and selling virtual land and properties. Also, through this, people can earn UPX earnings, and they can also establish long-term properties.


Sandbox is a gaming ecosystem created for users to provide the freedom to develop and establish virtual gaming assets and gaming experiences. Through them, earning is also possible. Tokenizing these assets and making money through them is also possible.


Although Metaverse game development needs more struggles to reach its peak, it's possible to go there in a few upcoming years. Metaverse development will reflect more light. Every metaverse development company is aiding worldwide enterprises to get their step on Metaverse. So, until you take your step into Metaverse, adios!


Akash Guha
Akash Guha is a budding writer with almost a year of experience in content writing. His knowledge in technical content writing has enabled him to work on different projects. Presently, he is working with SoluLab, a premium blockchain, AI, ML, IoT and Metaverse development company, where he handles various projects as a content writer.

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