3 Best Video Editor SDKs to Beat Competitors

June 13, 2022
Natalie Thorburn

There are plenty of various tools used for marketing purposes. Videos and masks occupy a special place among such tools. They are used extensively by many brands and business owners. Filters can be frequently seen on social networks, such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Furthermore, they are often used during video conferences. Such filters are based on augmented reality technology.

Video editor SDK is among the most time- and cost-effective solutions to release your app fast and save on development costs. This article guides you through the most popular AI-powered video editors to empower your app with matured video experience.

Top Video Editing SDKs in 2022

Currently, a video editing SDK is among the best and most efficient solutions for all tasks related to video processing and further use of various filters and masks. These tools have the advantage of prompt integration and hassle-free operation. In most cases, users will only need a bit of time to integrate an SDK and launch your app fast.

1. Banuba Video Editor SDK

This software can be safely considered the leader in this sector. First of all, Banuba appeals to many users due to its user-friendly interface, which can be understood by anyone in just 10 to 15 minutes.

Although this SDK seems simple, it has a great range of options for processing videos. For instance, many people prefer Banuba for the following reasons:

  1. A comprehensive set of tools for video processing. The software enables users to perform both simple formatting and professional editing. Various filters are available for changing tones and shades. There are also other tools to take advantage of (for instance, you can adjust the exposure, contrast, playback speed, and other parameters).
  2. There is an opportunity to use images for creating a video. Certainly, a regular slideshow would look too complex or elaborate in most cases. However, this software changes the situation fundamentally. It enables users to add custom transitions, make adjustments, and edit photos to ensure a consistent style.
  3. Users can combine audio and video files. If you need to complement your video with music or special sounds, this SDK will take very little time to accomplish such a task. You can use available ready-to-use sounds or upload your own ones.

The features and capabilities of the software are not limited to the above. Developers provide users with a huge variety of tools to make sure they can implement their own creative ideas.

For instance, you can use the software’s features to enrich the text with a variety of inscriptions. There is an extensive selection of fonts, as well as a variety of stickers that will help you add visual enhancements to your videos.

One of the unique features of this SDK is the capability to use masks. There are filters that have already been added by the developers, as well as tools required to help users create their custom ones. You can create masks that imitate beautiful makeup, or a funny augmented reality filter where users can see, for instance, how they look with dog ears.

The key element of the SDK that appeals to many users is the fact that its API can be integrated into any other software. For instance, if you want to develop your own software product for clients and using video filters is relevant for it, you don't have to write your own code from scratch. You can use Banuba's ready-to-use solution without the need to involve third-party specialists.

One example of how this idea has already been successfully implemented is the launch of Chingari. It is an Indian platform that was originally developed for sharing short video clips. The platform developers managed to save time on developing their custom software by taking advantage of an API that had been developed earlier.

More than half a million users installed the app in just ten days following its release. This is an excellent indicator for the sector. Having added useful and efficient options, including a real-time video editing tool, creative filters, and many other features, the developers found a way to spark the audience's interest and draw users. At the same time, they managed to save time and budget by avoiding the lengthy preparation of the software file.

2. Meicam SDK

The developers of this software offer a comprehensive solution. It can be used not just as a video editor but as the basis for creating your own video recording application. This point can be called a great advantage because the offered features provide the realistic possibility to create a full-fledged camera application or even a social network focused on video recording.

In addition to simple options (editing, cropping, applying filters, etc.), there are additional capabilities, including 3D effects, adding subtitles in different languages, and more. Thus, developers are provided with a much wider range of possibilities for creating their own applications based on existing code


3. Kdan Video SDK

All developers that work with videos and graphics need a high-quality base. This software provides the necessary options that can be used to release your own video editor. In particular, we can point out the following:

  • the possibility to add various filters, beautiful transitions, and animations;
  • all options required for editing the clip, for instance, to trim it, swap fragments, etc;
  • export the finished video in different formats, including modern MP4, and MOV.

This software is an excellent solution to be used as the basis for a custom-made simple video editor. It enables the developer to quickly and easily make an application with a basic set of options.

Core Issues to Consider While Choosing a Video Editor SDK

It usually takes a lot of time to develop in-house software to work with videos. Most entrepreneurs and business owners cannot afford to waste much time, so it is better to use a ready-made solution, i.e. to install and integrate the video editor SDK.

The software you choose for processing videos should be tailored to your needs and requirements. Therefore, it is recommended to focus on the following parameters as you choose the software:

  • the set of available options;
  • the capability of handling various formats;
  • clear and user-friendly interface.

For instance, if your task is to generate high-quality videos and you use professional shooting equipment, then you should make sure that the chosen SDK supports such formats as HD, and 4K (even the latest smartphone models shoot videos with the above resolution).


It is easy for inexperienced users to get distracted by the immense variety of video editing SDKs. The record shows that the majority of widely used video editors have rather limited functionality. For instance, some tools can be perfect solutions for editing purposes, while some others are designed for daring and unconventional experiments.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to choose SDKs that provide everything required for a comprehensive approach. It's much more convenient and efficient to use one solution that enables you to edit your video, add captions or GIFs, and then apply a filter or mask. That's exactly what Banuba offers its users. The capability to integrate API into other software products is a huge advantage for developers that saves both time and money.



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