3 Major Car Repairs and How to Prepare for Them

October 12, 2022
Natalie Thorburn

Being a car owner gives you a lot more freedom and flexibility in your daily life. For many people it's a necessity for getting to work, transporting kids around, and buying groceries. Primary vehicles are essential investments that support basic lifestyle needs, so you need to be ready to deal with problems when they happen. There are a few types of major car repairs that are worth saving and preparing for ahead of time.

Frame Repair and Alignment

All it takes is one nasty pothole to put your car out of alignment. The longer you drive with a bent or damaged frame, the worse the problem gets. It can also put undue stress on other parts of the vehicle and increase the chances of getting into an accident on the road. Realignments are a common type of repair even without any traumatic event causing the damage. Regular use over time is enough to require maintenance. Structural damage to the frame can result from any kind of collision and can cripple the car. Collisions aren’t limited to incidents with other vehicles, this can also happen by hitting curbs or debris in the road. These repairs can be incredibly expensive and a massive burden financially.

Transmission Replacement

As many car owners know, the transmission is a complex part with many different components that transfers energy from the engine to the wheels. It's also where the driver exerts manual or automatic control over the gears to adjust the transmission of power. It's a core component in any car engine and bears a significant portion of the stress during use. Transmissions eventually fail on their own, but many failures are the result of poor maintenance practices or accidents. Car owners should be sure to keep their fluids at the right levels and have their transmission maintained regularly by professionals like Elite Automotive.

Rebuilding the Engine

Sometimes it takes more than a simple repair or replacement to get an engine going again. When the check engine light is on more than off despite trips to the repair shop, then it might be time to rebuild the engine. A complete rework and replacement of faulty parts, connections, and materials can make the thing run almost like new. It's an expensive and lengthy job though, which can be a painful financial burden if you aren't ready for it. If the engine is a complete loss, you could be stuck paying for an entirely new engine.

It's hard to set aside the money for car repairs on top of all the other expenses and obligations you face. However, a repair fund is well worth considering if your car is essential to your work or lifestyle. It will be absolutely worth the sacrifice to save yourself from getting stuck in a predicament where you can’t afford your repairs. Even worse, if you’re forced to put repairs on a credit card or loan, you could end up paying more than it would’ve cost initially due to interest charges.


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