3 Ways to Combine Photos on iPhone

February 29, 2024
David Sunnyside

A picture can tell a story, capture a special moment or simply make a statement. But sometimes you may want to combine a few different pictures to create a bigger picture. You can do this with the built-in Shortcuts app, a free web tool or third-party apps such as Pic Stitch.

In this article, we'll show you 3 ways to easily combine photos on iphone, whether you're looking to put them side-by-side or one above the other. Using a shortcut in the Shortcuts app is the most seamless and precise way to automate the process, offering more customization than standard editing options.

Start by opening the Shortcuts app and tapping "+" in the top-right corner. Name your new shortcut and add the "Combine Images" action. By default, this is set to arrange the images horizontally, but you can customize it by selecting "Ask Each Time" and choosing Horizontally, Vertically or In a Grid.

Whenever you want to combine photos, simply open the shortcut, select your images and tap Add. Your combined photo will then be saved to your Camera Roll. You can also change the order of your combined photos by dragging and dropping each photo in the frame.

You can even make the shortcut appear in your Share Sheet by tapping the icon and turning on "Show in Share Sheet". Once you've added your Combine Photos shortcut to the Share Sheet, it will be ready for use with just a single tap.

David Sunnyside
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