4 pieces of advice to use to promote an Instagram page in 2022: the tools that work

November 30, 2022
Natalie Thorburn

Whatever questions you might have about the process of promotion, you surely don’t doubt that IG is the best resource to use in terms of advertising and selling information, product or service. And yes, this is true that today there are way bigger numbers of bloggers working here, therefore some help to novices is essential if you want to see tangible and quick results.

This text was created exactly because of this – we want to show newcomers that promotion on IG is still possible, via a chance to buy Instagram followers to build up a decent base, via planning and certain content strategies and via constant collaborations with other bloggers. Keep on reading to learn about all of these in detail and get 4 helpful pieces of advice!

Advice №1: divide free content from the one that you’re going to monetize

It can be done easily if you are following a certain strategy from the very beginning – practically, all you need to do is come up with a list of topics that you’re going to touch in your profile and decide, which ones of them are going to work as a warmer for the paid content and which ones are going to be the paid content itself. What we mean here is – if you have some unique experiences that can help other people, if you have products or if you’re showing some services that have to be validated, this is exactly the content that you can monetize. Surely, if you’re just a blogger, your monetization will come from other places (ads, collabs, etc).

Advice №2: don’t underestimate a possibility to use paid promotional services

For example, you can start your promotion by using a chance to buy real Instagram followers – these suit greatly for building up an initial pool of subs which will show random comers that your content is worth their attention. Without that you might have hard times proving your worth online; so we’d recommend to use that at the very beginning (or if you’re advanced and just having some difficulties with getting on a new level of popularity).

Advice №3: always collab

It has to run at the back of your mind always – no matter what you’re doing with your page right now, you have to take care and get some collaborations running, because this is a very nice way to never fall out of the field of view of your potential readers/clients. The more you’re going to reach out to other bloggers and their audiences, the higher are your chances of always getting some new subs by your side.

Advice №3: don’t launch targeted ad before you buy subscribers

Or get them any other way – when you’re launching the targeted ad, you have to be sure that your page already looks like a page of professional (or is quite near to it). If you have a half-empty profile with no subs and thumbs up, the effectiveness of that targeted ad is going to appear close to zero. It works best when you are able to prove that your content/product/service is actually worth checking out – this way all the people who are going to see your ad in their recommendations will subscribe without any doubts.


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