5 Benefits of Agile Development

April 28, 2023
Justin Ankus

Agile development entails the rapid delivery of small chunks of working software over short iterations periods, enabling businesses to gather customer feedback at early stages and adjust before taking their product to market.

Improved Product Quality

By breaking projects down into manageable units, teams can focus on high-quality development and testing while simultaneously eliminating bugs. This enables them to identify and resolve any issues early in the development process for faster turnaround times and superior products.

Agile processes provide customers with what they want quickly. Instead of waiting months or years for solutions they don't require, agile processes provide iterations which come close to what customers desire - quickly and at an affordable cost.

Agile Development Allows for Change to Be Adopted

Agile development enables businesses to adapt to industry changes with agile development projects by accepting and implementing changes at any point during a project, even at later stages of completion. Businesses can meet changing customer demands more easily while keeping pace with industry developments thanks to agile's flexibility.

Metrics for an Agile Development Team

Tracking metrics provides valuable insight into your team's capacity and workflow, helping to spot potential problems before they impact the project. If the backend team is experiencing delays, this could indicate an issue somewhere along the development process that needs addressing immediately.

Daily Standups

Direct communication among teams is always best, so schedule daily standups to update each member on their status and goals for the day. This will prevent errors from creeping in through miscommunication and increase employee accountability.

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