5 Employee Wellness Activities to Encourage at Your Workplace

November 15, 2022
Natalie Thorburn


Employee wellness is pivotal to creating a productive environment and boosting business outcomes.

The pandemic has proven that a healthy workforce can be a game changer. It can help businesses sustain themselves in adverse situations.

No wonder, employee wellness is on the radar screen of most industry leaders.

However, the definition of wellness evolved. The phrase is no longer confined to the physical aspect. It refers to a holistic mindset, where a person's physical, mental, and emotional health are in sync.

According to Oracle, 88% of workers desire a job that offers a work-life balance, thereby promoting good health. A steady paycheck no longer excites them.

So, businesses should take measures to ensure holistic employees' health.

In this post, we will share the five best employee wellness activities to encourage at your workplace.

#1: Promote Mental Health Support Programs

A McKinsey survey reveals that 60% of employees have experienced mental health challenges. It further states that job-related stress impacts employee performance and engagement.

Another survey affirms that 52% of employees experienced work-related burnout in 2021. No wonder, global employee turnover reached a high in 2021.

So, stakeholders should commit to helping employees deal with mental health issues.

Here are a few mental health support programs to consider.

  • Virtual Counseling Sessions: Arrange personalized online counseling sessions for your employees. Count on tools like Zoom or Skype to connect with psychiatrists or mental health experts. This can help your team deal with psychological, behavioral, and emotional disorders.
  • Meditation Sessions: Introduce meditation sessions that teach deep breathing and self-reflection. The reason? According to World Economic Forum, meditation can help with severe anxiety. Another study links meditation and mindfulness with emotional stability. Top players like Google and Nike conduct meditation sessions to help their teams.
  • Happy Hours: Allow your team to take a break from work and socialize. Arrange fun games or lunch get-togethers and let your team enjoy. This can help foster high employee engagement.

Pro Tip: Create a Wellness Blog to Spread Mental Health Awareness


Create a dedicated well-designed blog covering all aspects of mental health. For instance, you can share tips, the latest industry news and statistics, and others. This can help empower your employees, thereby boosting their morale.

Adhere to the best web design standards and practices.

Choose a suitable website theme. Ensure that the website is optimized for usability. Besides, it should have high-quality content and appealing visual elements like images and videos. This can help enhance readers' experience.

#2: Take Physical Fitness Initiatives

A rigid 9-to-5 work environment can impact an employee's physical well-being.

According to reports, over 50% of working professionals struggle with back pain. Another report reveals that physical inactivity can result in heart-related diseases.

So, businesspeople should take initiatives that encourage physical fitness.

Here are a few physical fitness activities to consider.

  • Desk-Friendly Exercises: Simple desk-friendly exercises can help employees stay energetic all day. Include activities like shoulder stretches, desk push-ups, chair squats, and wall push-ups.
  • Walking Meetings: Host meetings while walking or moving rather than sitting in boardrooms. Research states that walking meetings can help improve creativity while ensuring physical fitness. No wonder, Steve Jobs loved conducting walking meetings.
  • Sports Programs: Arranging sports events frequently can ensure your team stays healthy. Besides, it can build camaraderie between teammates, thereby strengthening company culture.

#3: Promote a Culture of Self-Care

Research reveals that prioritizing self-care can prevent individuals from burnout and stress. So, create a culture of self-care to promote emotional stability in your employees.

Here are a few tips to promote self-care in your organization.

  • Encourage Employees to Take Time Off: Reports reveal that 63% of employees fail to take refreshment breaks. This can hamper their health and work life. So, teach your employees the importance of taking time off.

Add a special vacation leave to the company policy. This will encourage them to disconnect from work and refresh their minds and bodies.

  • Explain the Importance of a Healthy Eating Pattern: Eating habits go haywire because of hectic work life. So, invite nutrition experts and conduct sessions highlighting the importance of nutrition. Request them to share diet plans to help promote employees' health.
  • Build Recreational Zones: Create a space where employees can unwind. For instance, install a projector for employees to watch their favorite movies.

Similarly, you can create a mini library or install a table-tennis setup. Dedicate this area for employees to take breaks between work.

#4: Provide Healthy Meals and Snacks Subscriptions

A Harvard nutritionist states that fried food can weaken a person's memory. Sometimes, unhealthy eating patterns can even lead to depression. On the other hand, healthy food can nurture one's mind and body.

Healthy meal subscriptions can help boost your team's energy and productivity.

Take some inspiration from Google. This tech giant serves healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

They have placed a board in the cafeteria stating the value of eating the right meal portion. This unique practice has helped the Google team eat the right amount of food and stay proactive.

Follow Google's footsteps to promote mindful eating practices in the workplace.

#5: Conduct Office Makeover Program

Research affirms that workspace design influences working professionals' productivity and job satisfaction. So, conduct an office makeover program to recreate a positive workspace. This can help foster a positive work environment, thereby keeping your employees happy.

Here are a few makeover aspects to consider.

  • Multiple Seating Options: Deploy comfortable seating arrangements to help employees work stress-free. For instance, install adjustable chairs, tall-height desks, and others. This can help employees work comfortably while staying active.
  • Appropriate Lighting: Well-illuminated workspaces can help improve employees' productivity. So, enliven your workstation with bright lights.
  • Nature-Like Environment: Studies state that keeping plants near desks can help reduce anxiety. So, place plants around the desks.

For instance, you can opt for jade, snake, and cast iron. These plants remain fresh all year and require low maintenance. Besides, you can incorporate colorful wallpapers reflecting nature. This can elevate the positivity and vibe of the space.

Pro Tip: Add a Touch of Personalization


Encourage your teammates to integrate decor elements of their choice.

Let them customize the desk according to their comfort. For instance, you can ask them to put planters of their choice or personal pictures on their desks.

This can help create a space they love and boost their morale.


The shared blog post highlights the connection between employee wellness and business performance. Besides nurturing employees' health, wellness programs can be a powerful tool for business growth. They can help businesses retain peak performers and achieve long-term goals.

So, follow the mentioned wellness activities to build a healthy and productive workforce.

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Aanya Rachel is the Content Manager at The Address, a coworking space in Surat, Gujarat. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge, experience, and extensive research in this field. She writes on a wide range of topics related to coworking, the growth of remote workers, startups, and real estate.


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