5 Link Building Myths Debunked

December 9, 2022
Justin Lumiere

By now everybody knows that Google and other search engines use ranking algorithms to index web pages. However, it is not so self-evident how they work. After all, Google won’t simply reveal its classified information. This has led many businesses that want to optimize their web content to believe in all sorts of SEO myths. Good link-building practices have become somewhat of an enigma, and many people simply do not know if they should build more links or build better links, or maybe even change their strategy from the ground up. That is why it is important to stay informed about common misconceptions. In this article, we dispel five link-building myths.

Guest posting is no longer a viable option

One common myth that people run into when researching link-building practices is that guest posting can negatively impact your online ranking. People have been saying that guest posting is dead, and that has been the case for several years now. However, successful companies still manage to reap amazing benefits from it. Google even clarified that this claim is not true. However, there is a caveat. It is important to focus on the overall quality of your guest posting.

Quantity over relevance

There is a belief that the type of backlinks used is not all that important. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The relevancy of your links should be a top priority. Look up sources that are going to be in line with your audience’s preferences and values. Which is a bonus argument for conducting thorough target audience research. Your content will be shared a lot more frequently if bloggers see that your links lead to relevant articles because they too do not want to supply their audiences with dead-end links that have no actual value. However, when optimizing content, you are not only adhering to your audience’s needs and wants but you also want to make it coherent with Google’s regulations. The mighty search engine’s algorithm will favor backlinks that are relevant for your overall content.

The quality of content doesn’t matter

In countries such as Australia, digital marketing is the go-to approach. This means that the market is highly competitive and there is a tendency to associate the rate of traffic with the number of links. The more links the more blog posts there should be. That is why a myth has evolved that the quality of actual content doesn’t really matter. When in fact, companies are able to quadruple the number of indexed pages simply by creating high-quality articles and web content. When other people try to create backlinks, they will primarily look for quality posts first. This will help you create a lot of traffic naturally because you can establish massive domain authority. There are several things to focus on when creating blog content. Perform thorough audience research, this will allow you to write relatable content and align your ideas with the search intent. Use plenty of longtail keywords. Some of these can be technically challenging to implement on your own. Luckily, you can optimize your content by hiring professional link building services in Australia. In addition, make sure to add plenty of variety and diversify your content, and don’t forget to optimize your images and video transcripts as well.

Google Business has no effect

Ever since its implementation, people seem to doubt the relevance and practicality of Google Business. However, this listing is both visually captivating and highly relevant due to technical reasons. It takes the entire right part of the device’s viewport and it displays all the relevant information such as an address, working hours, website, and reviews. These individual features make your business more accessible and allow for more ranking potential. Your Google reviews alone will give you a massive advantage with the technical side of SEO ranking, since it signals trust and authority. Make sure to add plenty of photos and videos so that people can verify the address and for Google to easily map it on its Maps platform. Besides that, you can provide listings on other pages such as Facebook, Yahoo Local, Yellow pages, and TripAdvisor.

You can’t link to product pages

One additional link building myth revolves around not being able to create links that lead to product pages directly. However, this is not correct. You can only gain even more search visibility if you include direct links. What good is a link that is misleading and ‘beats around the bush’ in a sense? However, to be direct, your overall textual context must be clear. If you offer an article with unique information, you will have a better chance of linking to products that serve as a direct solution for that particular problem. You can even make a special offer and offer a discount for the readers of that page. This makes your offer stand out and it feels more genuine.

The world of search engine optimization is riddled with many myths and mysteries. However, things do not have to be so complicated if you know where to find the right information. Some of the most commonly mistaken nuances revolve around guest posting, choosing quantity over relevance, neglecting content quality, not including Google Business listings, and providing direct links to product pages.


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