5 Must-Have Digital Workplace Services For Modern Businesses

February 14, 2024
Natalie Thorburn




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Workplace technology is a mobile feast. From cloud data and AI to devices of all shapes and sizes, including server racks and wearable watches, there are many digital workplace services to consider if you own a modern-day business.


Seeking the correct company to assist you in embracing these services is a must, especially if adopting one of the hundreds of semi-automated processes. Embracing the correct services for your requirements will boost productivity and create an office environment your staff wants to work in. According to the annual State of the Digital Workplace Report from SMG, 72% regard the digital workplace as extremely important.


In this guide, we discuss the many services available. We also detail the benefits of investing in them.


1. Digital IT Operations



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Investing in contemporary digital IT services for your business will help you to unlock heightened agility and safety, which equates to improved performance. The result? A better experience for you, your staff, and your clients.


Whether you’re looking to manage an application portfolio or revamp the digital workplace services entirely, this service will help you to transform your company’s IT infrastructure through cloud-based engineering that adopts the following:


Application Managed Services: Using a combined build, conversion, and drive prototype, you can amend your application portfolio with an integrated build, conversion, and drive model. The result? You dramatically lower your proprietorship costs.


Digital Workplace: You can heighten workplaces with a digital strategy. This is driven by experience and backed by skillful service systems and tools.


Enterprise Mechanization: Robotize processes, increase productivity, modernize business operations, and reanalyze experiences using IT Ops Automation services.

Cybersecurity: Combat cyber and digital warnings with security that is unified and comprises technology, consulting, and operations.


Testing Services: By certifying AI/ML-enhanced autonomous software testing that is automation-fuelled, you can ensure results that are sizable and prompt.


2. Transformative Cloud Solutions



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Businesses that embrace a cloud-centric future embrace security, growth, and scalability. Areas of focus include:


Strategy: This is a cloud vision that shows objective results.


Innovation and development: Ensuring the business transitions smoothly from traditional infrastructure to the cloud infrastructure of the future.


Performance: End-to-end services allow for performance and cloud reliability.


3. Information provided by AI


Establishing a solid business foundation for ambitious planning and consistent data value, AI ensures you use this information to your advantage to improve your business offerings. Areas of focus include:


Strategy and planning: This concept aligns with your business goals. It is backed by data that helps you achieve your long-term vision.


Modernization: Ensuring a foundation backed by solid data helps prepare your company for future growth and modernization.


Creating data value: Unleashing your data power to transform insights and data-driven revenue.


4. Business Practice Services



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When considering the future of GEN AI, redesigning your business model is a surefire way to win. Digitally transforming your business will enhance the experience of your employees and customers and help you make faster decisions. Here are the main points to note:


Banking: Using next-generation technology and know-how to transform banking, ensuring cards, payments, mortgages, and business finance are all a walk in the park to manage.


Insurance: Embracing next-generation technology to restructure P&C, specialty, and life insurance, as well as commercial applications. The result? Efficiency across all time zones.


Financial Services: Optimization of traditional and contemporary treasury, asset, and data management ensures investments excel in the capital markets.


Healthcare: Creating an innovative approach to healthcare for employees that focuses on CM, patient acquisition, and advocacy. The result? The patient experience as a whole is improved.


5. Enterprise Consulting and Implementation


This workplace service covers software comprising SAP, Oracle, Workplace, Salesform, ServiceNow, Adobe, and Snowflake. Investing in a company with significant experience running, optimizing, and managing these platforms is a great way to stay ahead of your competition.


Adopting these services will help facilitate your business results, ensuring a return on investment. Additionally, CRM systems like the ones described improve efficiency and drive innovation, allowing you to get more value out of your ERP investment by transforming the data ecosystem and AI customizing solutions, giving you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


The Bottom Line


Ensuring your business stays ahead of the competition comes down to the digital services you adopt. To illustrate this, the size of the managed digital enterprise services market is estimated to be USD 52.82 billion in 2024 and is set to rise to USD 71.87 billion by 2029.


Embracing projects that promise to improve your business offerings will help you embrace new opportunities, use data to drive innovation, and ensure that the workplace is safe and easy to maintain for your environment.


The tips above will help you learn more about the many digital agency opportunities available, allowing you to assess which one is right for you.




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