5 Reasons to Buy a Car GPS in the Age of Smartphones


Smartphones have evolved greatly since their introduction just a few years ago. And so have the mobile phone apps that run on them. Almost every smartphone you can think of has an in-built location tracking system using the Global Positioning System (GPS) and other systems. However, it turns out smartphone GPS systems do have their limitations, and therefore cannot yet fully replace dedicated car GPS navigation systems. Here are 5 reasons to buy a car GPS in the age of smartphones.

Long-lasting battery

A car GPS derives its power from your car’s electrical system (lighter). That means that any possibility of your navigation device experiencing power problems will be largely eliminated. A car GPS device will last as long as your car battery. Moreover, in-vehicle GPS systems come with an internal battery to provide you with an extra source of power. That means even if your car battery suddenly breaks down, your GPS device will stay on for a while before its battery runs out.

Therefore, installing a dedicated car GPS system is a wise investment that will help you find your way as you explore new places. Visit the Eyeride website page to check out automatic vehicle location systems.

No consumption of data

Mobile GPS systems don’t only consume phone battery power; they also eat away your data. If you’re heavily reliant on your phone GPS system, it will increase your costs for data. Failing to set a data limit can be a big mistake since GPS apps consume your data without any warning.

 A dedicated car GPS tracker is data-free. So, you can travel around the planet without any reason to worry about data usage. Because there are no subscription fees attached to in-car GPS devices, they are cost-effective for the average person.

Network (service) coverage

 Your smartphone GPS app does rely on cell coverage to provide you with a data connection. When you reach a location that’s out of the network coverage area, smartphones that have downloaded offline maps can be used for navigation. However, dedicated vehicle GPS  devices will even function better in rural areas since they don’t demand your data to be active. They are more convenient for travelers who usually make trips to the countryside.


Using a smartphone to track your location while driving is risky. But a car GPS system is much more convenient in the sense that it can be mounted hands-free on your windscreen. This way, it’s much safer to use than a mobile GPS app.

Protection Against Vehicle Theft

Apart from helping you navigate through busy streets and unfamiliar locations, a car’s GPS system is an effective tool against thieves. GPS-enabled vehicles usually have central control systems. These centralized locking system can be activated to lock a stolen car from being moved away by thieves. When your GPS-enabled vehicle is stolen, you only need to report to a GPS tracking company for them to remotely lock your car, and help recover it. Law enforcement officers will then be called to the scene to arrest the criminals.


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