5 Reasons to Upgrade to a MacBook Pro

December 20, 2021
Justin Lumiere

You’ve probably thought about it many times. You’ve likely consulted with many people. It might even be true that you’ve made a trip to a nearby Apple retail store once or twice to see what you’re pining for in the flesh. But you still can’t make up your mind. You still need more convincing in terms of whether you should take home a MacBook Pro of your own.

In a nutshell, here are the pros and cons of doing so. The pros include the fact that you’ll have a reliable laptop trusted by many. Plus, you’ll own a prestige product from a prestigious company that’s synonymous with the genius of Steve Jobs. As for the cons, well, we can only come up with one. You’ll have to part ways with a considerable portion of your savings. That is unless you’re buying refurbished, which is often just as excellent as those straight off the factory lines. Now if this mini-review isn't enough to help you make a decision, read on for a more detailed take.

Why people prefer the MacBook

No, it’s not just hype. The reasons why people prefer the MacBook make absolute sense. Consider the following:

  • Easier to buy – When it comes to Microsoft computers, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the options at your disposal. Before you know it you’ve already spent a week or two shopping for that perfect laptop and you still haven’t narrowed down your choices. If you opt for a MacBook, so long as you know what you want with certainty, you get in and out of an Apple store and the whole purchase’s over and done within a matter of an hour or two. You go home with a laptop you know you can depend on.
  • Cheaper in the long run – Sure, your wallet will feel the upfront cost of a MacBook Pro more severely than when you purchase other laptop brands. But you must not rely solely on the acquisition cost when gauging a gadget’s overall price. Think of the residual value, too. In that regard, a MacBook pro proves more practical. Not only will the laptop’s topnotch design ensure longevity, but, should you decide to resell or trade-in in the future, you’ll realize you get more bang for your buck. That’s because people are willing to pay a premium price even for a second-hand MacBook.
  • Ease of use – There’s no contest between Apple and Microsoft software. The former proves more practical across the board. For example, Microsoft tends to make assumptions about how you use your laptop. This results in exaggerated interferences. Apple’s software remains intuitive without being intrusive. You get free rein on how you maximize your laptop’s functions. Even updates are more hassle-free with a MacBook. Plus, it’s less susceptible to viruses, spyware, and malware.
  • Ease of troubleshooting – Windows PC works with a variety of laptop brands such as HP, Sony, and Dell. Encountering software issues means you’ll have to contend with third-party drivers and what-not. Meanwhile, Apple laptops come with Apple software. You know just where to go to get something wrong right again. That is an accredited Apple repair store. And if you really wish to revert to Windows, you may do so with an Apple laptop. That’s shooting two birds with one stone.

Why choose MacBook Pro?

In late 2020, Apple introduced the 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1 chips. Those replaced the Intel chips the had previously powered Apple laptops. Here’s why you need to get hold of this new breed of MacBooks.

  1. M1 chips are as powerful as they come – The M1 is a trademarked Apple technology called system-on-a-chip (SoC). It boasts an 8-core CPU equally divided between performance and efficiency. That allows users to enjoy blazing speeds without compromising battery life.
  2. Battery life – You could go on work mode for two straight days without needing to recharge the batteries. All the while you’re assured of software that does not stall the job you need to get done. Access multiple apps with ease and at the same time.
  3. iOS app compatibility – Need to order food from your preferred delivery app? No need to pull out your iPhone from the depths of your pocket or purse. You can have your favorite iOS apps on your MacBook pro thanks to M1. The only catch is that the iOS app you want to access via MacBook Pro should have opted in on this development. And it’s quite likely that that’s what they’ll do given how the opportunity’s sure to further boost app activity.
  4. Data storage – How many of us back up our hard drives regularly? Chances are most Windows PC users can’t raise their hands on that question. With a MacBook Pro, data backup is easy-breezy. That is thanks to the Time Machine function. You just turn it on and it does data back up duties on your behalf. You can even retrieve deleted files with it. There’s also the iCloud to appreciate, which allows data storage from across multiple Apple gadgets.
  5. Aesthetics – This cannot be argued. Apple laptops look hip. Too hip, in fact, that many other laptop brands have tried to emulate MacBook’s sleek and seamless design. But even then, there’s no mistaking if you’re working with an Apple laptop. It’s in a league of its own.

Owning a MacBook is not a right. It’s a privilege. And with great privilege comes great responsibility. As we’re operating under the assumption that you’ve been convinced that a MacBook Pro’s worth your money, let’s discuss your responsibilities as soon as you buy one.

First up, you need to take care of your laptop the way you would something that came out of your womb. Treat it like your baby is what we’re trying to say. Spare your baby from scratches, dents, and what-not. Be just as mindful of your baby’s internal health. By that, we mean the software that runs it. Doing these will allow you to trade your current laptop for a newer version come the time Apple introduces its latest update. That’ll allow you to save significant money.

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