5 Tips To Extend the Life of Your iPhone’s Battery

July 21, 2022
Natalie Thorburn

Your iPhone battery is designed to last an average of two years. Every phone has settings to adjust the brightness, change the modes of power, and manage notifications. A phone user doesn't need to have every feature running all the time. Here are five ways to extend the life of your iPhone's battery.

Switch to Low Power Mode

Running your phone at the highest power is draining its battery. The low power mode ensures that the phone's features are only being used when necessary and the unnecessary features are disabled.

In addition, avoid fully charging your battery because a 100% charge adds stress to the battery. Do not use fast-charging devices that may damage lithium-ion batteries. A common tip is to charge the phone to 50% and only when it's needed.

Reduce Screen Brightness

Have you ever noticed that your phone feels warm, even hot? Your phone consumes a lot of energy to power the screen with the maximum amount of light. Try to only use maximum brightness when you’re in a pinch—like when you’re outside and the sun makes it hard to see the screen at average brightness.

At night, especially, consider using a lower brightness. This is a great time to save not only your battery, but your sleep! Having screen time at night is said to reduce the ability to get a good night’s rest. So if you are needing to be on your phone, make the light as dim as you can.

Turn Off Unused Apps

There are often a number of phone apps running in the background. Some apps are built into the device and work automatically without the owner's consent. Look into which apps have this feature and consider disabling them, if possible.

Look through your apps and see which ones you only use occasionally. These would be great choices to disable, without uninstalling. However, if you do find apps that you never use—delete them!

Avoid Extreme Weather Conditions

A phone battery is designed to be stored in cool, dry conditions. Extremely hot or cold temperatures, including rain and moisture, cause unseen damage to the battery. The battery may power off and not turn on again.

An iPhone repair often requires a replacement if the charging is limited and cannot be fixed. If you’re finding nothing helps get your phone back in working condition, you’ll need to go to professionals to get it fixed. This is often a more affordable option than replacing the phone entirely.

Block Notifications

Every alert you receive requires the phone to power on, light up and consume energy. Reducing the number of interruptions that you receive each day conserves your battery and prevents headaches. The phone settings allow you to disable specific apps and manage notifications.

If you’re in a meeting, or want to focus on family time, consider muting notifications for however long you’ll be occupied. Not only will this keep you involved in the task at hand, but it will save battery life.

It’s a great goal to want to enjoy your iPhone without worrying about cutting the lifespan of its battery short. However, this often requires that you avoid using the full capacities of your phone and only use the features that you need. From disabling apps to unplugging the charger, these tips will help you extend the life of your iPhone.


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