6 Anime WordPress Themes 2022

July 28, 2022
Natalie Thorburn


These anime-themed WordPress themes can be used by producers, illustrators, and other professionals to show off their work and build their reputations.

Animation is a very big world. As the world has become more digital, all kinds of animations created by Anime season info, from 2D to CSS3 and beyond, have become common.

The "motion of pictures" can help sell any product if it is processed well and shown in an appealing way

Animations are in movies, cartoons, flip books, and digital media that use GIFs and other animation formats.

Because technology has improved, the same medium can now be used to show animations in the best way.

Create a fresh, user-friendly anime website with one of these low-cost and simple-to-use WordPress themes. You can utilize any of them to revive your outdated website and see improved traffic and conversion rates.

Discuss them separately if you like. In any case, pick one to get started with; it's entirely up to you.

Here are six anime WordPress themes.

Animated WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme helps bloggers and editors develop high-quality websites. Aesthetics Most WordPress layouts have a homepage video or logo.

The anime-themed WordPress theme can include video from your PC, Dailymotion, and YouTube.

V-WordPress Anime's Theme


This theme costs $79 despite its many features and page layouts.


  • Home pages and footer navigation bars often feature logos and company names.
  • Users can register, upload videos, and rate and comment on others' material.
  • In-design advertising space. Banner ads are welcome.
  • "Recent," "recommended," and "previous" videos follow this trend.

Anime WordPress Theme Second Quasar

Quasar is a WooCommerce and business theme. Both versions have no palette constraints. Both the boxed and wide layouts can be adjusted by changing the sidebar columns and header image size.

Dresses are one WooCommerce product. Please update Quasar and activate to take PayPal.

WordPress Anime Quasar Theme


Quasar maintenance is $60 per 6 months. This theme offers 12 grid choices to boost looks.


  • Theme translators are available.
  • Built-in page-order editor.
  • Use a "rock builder" form with reCAPTCHA.
  • This theme's circular slider is code-free.

WordPress Anime Theme Azoom

Azoom Anime WP Theme is unique. Full-screen sliders can showcase any image, while side buttons can guide visitors. Sliders are curved and rock-style.

These tactics can increase website traffic and keep visitors there longer.

WordPress Anime, Azoom


This inexpensive theme is multipurpose. You get a standard, six-month licence, and Animation Creator for free.


  • Parallax background changes reduce headaches.
  • The theme's sidebar connects every page. Predefined portions are easy to skip.
  • Drag-and-drop web page builder.
  • Azoom uses Google Fonts. Google Web Fonts makes installing typefaces easy.

Fourth is Madara, an anime-themed WordPress theme.

Madara WordPress theme makes manga-inspired websites. Manga is Japanese comics.

This theme can be adapted to your needs. This design works for webcomics, novels, and magazines with an endless number of chapters and/or issues.

Manga can be stored on Amazon S3, BlogSpot, Imgur, etc.

Show-specific WordPress theme. Madara


$51 Madara


  • Menus on homepage.
  • This theme's predetermined colour palette and ad positioning settings assist ad insertion.
  • Include social networking links in the footer menu.
  • Stores selling compatible add-ons sell additional themes, import tools, premium plugins, etc.

WordPress film template

WordPress' Pelicula Theme can generate movies.

Pelicula is a filmmaker-focused and essential WordPress theme. It's designed for Video Production, movies, video portfolios, directors, film festivals, and websites.

18 page spinner effects and 13 predesigned homepage effects make website creation easy.

This design is perfect for video-heavy sites.

Pelicula provides customizable templates.


$75 includes six months of upgrades and development support.


  • Price comparison shortcodes are active.
  • Your portfolio can be customised.
  • Three-page portfolios are available.
  • Single-click demo site import.
  • Elementor, a plug-in website builder
  • 18 spinner effects are available.


Eldon is a WordPress theme for displaying online art.

Portfolio WordPress theme.

This theme's dark and bright versions may be switched with a click.

The theme is fully Elementor-compatible, making it a wonderful alternative for anyone using Elementor.

Once you buy this WordPress theme, you can utilise all its images.


Sample documents cost $75.


  • An easy-to-use admin interface.
  • 10 homepage templates are available.
  • Only Elementor Page Builder supports this add-on.
  • Prefix-free short codes abound.
  • The portfolio contains objects.
  • Pages are numbered.


Here are the greatest anime-themed WordPress themes. Bloggers: These six anime-themed themes will revamp your site. The backend team will licence and support for six months.

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