7 Insane Benefits of Mobile Apps For Business

February 2, 2023

In today's fiercely competitive digital era, a mobile app has become an essential tool for any business that desires to thrive and surpass rivals. 

It doesn't matter if your business is just starting or has been in operation for a thousand days; having a mobile app for business is equally vital. 

Even established companies that have been around for a decade must develop a mobile app for businesses now to retain their customers.

In contrast, the market is already saturated for a startup, and only a little space is left for newcomers. 

Therefore, the only way to make a statement is by standing out from the competition through an additional but necessary marketing tool known as a mobile application. 

How Many New Businesses Are Opened in a Day? And How Small Businesses Can Stand Out?

According to a report, an impressive 50 million new firm births per year, or approximately 137,000 per day are recorded. These numbers indicate the significance of embracing the mobile app trend.

Therefore, if you feel that a mobile app can drive your business to new heights and attract more customers, do not hesitate to invest in custom mobile app development

It is a common misunderstanding that mobile apps are only meant for large enterprises; this is far from the truth. 

In reality, 99% of startup businesses want to build a mobile app, but only a few end up achieving this feat due to factors such as a lack of technical understanding and investment like norstrat.

Thus, if you have enough investment, technical understanding, and resources to make a mobile app for business, don’t let the fear of the unknown hinder you. 

Embrace the mobile app trend today, and watch your business flourish like never before.

If you are an enterprising startup seeking compelling reasons to invest in mobile apps for business, you have landed in the right place. 

This blog post aims to illuminate how developing a mobile app for business can catalyze your startup's growth and position you alongside the titans in your industry. 

Without further ado, here are seven key reasons why building a mobile application can be a game-changer for your burgeoning business.

7 Jaw-dropping Benefits Of Mobile Apps For Small Business

  • Open Round The Clock (Customer Can Interact Any Second of The Day)

One of the standout benefits of mobile apps for small business is that it operates round the clock, affording customers the ability to interact with your brand at any hour of the day or night. 

Unlike brick-and-mortar establishments that are typically open for a limited number of hours each day, a mobile app for business is a virtual storefront that never sleeps.

From a startup perspective, every customer represents a valuable opportunity to establish your brand and grow your business. 

However, limiting your hours of operation can result in missed chances and lost revenue. 

In fact, by only being open for ten hours per day, your startup could be forfeiting up to 60% of potential opportunities.

By creating custom mobile apps for business, you can overcome this limitation and expand your availability to meet the needs of your customers, even during non-operational hours. 

This provides an unmatched advantage for your business, offering customers unparalleled access to your products or services and enhancing the overall customer experience.


  • Edge Over Competitors ( Leg Up On Your Competitors)

Undeniably, mobile apps for business have become a ubiquitous technology in today's business landscape. 

However, many businesses are still hesitant to invest in this powerful tool due to concerns over funding and resource availability. 

Even for those with ample resources, questions often arise regarding the potential benefits of mobile apps for business.

As a result, only a small percentage of businesses have taken advantage of this game-changing technology. 

However, this dynamic is rapidly shifting, and it's only a matter of time before mobile applications become the norm in virtually every industry.

By acting now and investing in mobile apps for your business, you can gain an immediate advantage over your competitors and establish your brand as a leader in your industry. 

This proactive approach enables you to stake your claim in the mobile space and solidify your position before your competitors have a chance to catch up.

  • Sell Product Faster and Create a Solid Customer Base

For startups, selling products to new customers is often the most daunting challenge. 

Established businesses have an advantage in that their products are often well-known and have been tried and tested by many customers.

However, mobile apps for small business owners can help level the playing field for startups by driving more customers to their businesses. 

By offering exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions through their app, startups can create a sense of urgency and incentivize potential customers to try their products or services.

In fact, a survey by RetailMeNot revealed that a whopping 74% of Americans consider offers and promotions to be a top factor in their purchasing decisions. 

This means that by providing enticing offers through a mobile app, startups can attract new customers and build a solid base of loyal buyers.

In short, mobile apps for business can be a powerful tool for startups looking to increase their visibility and drive sales. 

By leveraging the innate power of promotions and discounts, startups can overcome the challenges of building a customer base and accelerate their growth.

  • More Than Just a Mobile App (A Free Marketing Tool)

For any startup business, the allocation of financial resources is of utmost importance. 

While every aspect of the business demands considerable investment, marketing expenses tend to take up the lion's share, accounting for almost 50% of the overall budget.

However, it is imperative for business owners to exercise prudence and avoid indiscriminate spending when it comes to promoting their enterprise. 

A wise investment strategy suggests that only 8%-10% of the total capital should be allocated toward marketing efforts.

Mobile apps for business - a powerful and cost-effective tool for businesses to expand their reach and bolster their brand image. 

Mobile apps for business owners can harness the power of customer reviews and feedback to promote their products and services.

Imagine the impact of positive reviews and comments from satisfied customers, made easily accessible to potential buyers through a user-friendly mobile interface. 

It's truly remarkable! 

A mobile app enables businesses to showcase customer feedback and make it easier for prospective buyers to make informed decisions.

In essence, a mobile app is an excellent investment for businesses seeking to enhance their marketing strategy without breaking the bank. 

It empowers entrepreneurs to leverage the power of word-of-mouth and customer feedback to create a positive brand image and foster customer loyalty, all at no additional cost.

  • Get Your Customer Know Closely (Get Customer Insights)

Effective audience research is a vital aspect of establishing a successful business. 

In fact, 80% of businesses recognize the importance of comprehensive target audience research as a critical step to achieving their goals. 

However, more than relying solely on third-party research may be required to achieve optimal results.

To truly understand your audience, personalized or first-hand data is crucial. 

While conducting surveys or investigations may have been a traditional method in the past, modern-day technologies have revolutionized this process. 

With the advent of mobile apps for businesses, companies can efficiently and promptly gather important information about their target audience.

By leveraging mobile apps for small business, startups can record key customer behaviors such as search patterns, specific requirements, downloads, and user engagement, among others. 

This data can be analyzed by the marketing team to develop a professional marketing strategy that resonates with the target audience. 

Therefore, incorporating mobile apps in audience research is a game-changer that can help businesses gain a competitive edge in the market.

  • Prompt and Improve Customer Service

Delivering prompt and positive responses to customer inquiries is a fundamental cornerstone of exceptional customer service. 

The key to creating a lasting impression on your customers is through swift communication - a fundamental rule for any memorable customer experience. 

In today's rapidly-evolving digital landscape, customers demand even faster communication platforms.

Given the ubiquity of mobile phones, creating a mobile app for your business could revolutionize your customer experience. 

Not only will a mobile app enable your customers to interact more conveniently, but it will also serve as a testament to your brand's commitment to technological advancement.

Furthermore, creating a mobile app for small businesses is a win-win situation for both you and your customers. 

Customers seeking speedy interaction will gladly download the app when they discover their preferred brand has one, providing them with a faster and more seamless experience. 

On the other hand, you can streamline your customer service process by leveraging technology that enables machines to respond to thousands of queries without experiencing any frustrations or delays.

  • Utilize Social Media Channels

The ultimate metric for any mobile app is the revenue it generates, which is closely tied to customer engagement. 

The more users spend time on your app, the more potential income you stand to make. 

And in this day and age, social media reigns supreme as the largest global platform, with your target audience likely spending a significant amount of time on these channels.

To harness the power of social media, you need a comprehensive and professional social media marketing strategy that can successfully drive users from social media to your app. 

By running effective social media campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, you can not only increase app downloads but also motivate users to sign up using their social media accounts.

How does Social Media Help Small Businesses Grow?

As a small business owner, you can integrate social media buttons and other shareable CTAs within your app to encourage users to share in-app content. 

Additionally, you can boost user engagement by integrating social media feeds within your app, a feature offered by most development companies.

Finally, for users who enjoy a challenge or some fun, gamification is a great way to incentivize sharing and engagement. 

By implementing these strategies and leveraging social media, you can elevate your mobile app for business to new heights of success. 

Remember, the best time to start your social media marketing campaigns is once your app is built and ready to use.

How Much Does a Small Business App Cost?

As a startup owner, you may have pondered how a mobile app can help take your business to new heights. 

However, an investment must be made to reap the benefits of this technological advancement.

The cost of creating mobile apps for business varies significantly and is dependent on various factors, with complexity being the most significant one. 

The more advanced and high-end your mobile app requirements, the more resources and financial investment will be required.

In most cases, small or startup businesses opt for an MVP or minimum viable product. 

This is essentially the first version of the mobile app with all the essential features. 

The primary purpose of an MVP is to test the app's functionality and receive feedback from users to make necessary improvements.

One of the significant benefits of an MVP is its cost-effectiveness. 

When a company has budgetary constraints, it can initially develop an MVP and later integrate additional features once sufficient resources and finances become available.

In conclusion, investing in an MVP could be a wise and cost-effective decision for startup owners seeking to create a mobile app for business. 

By taking this approach, businesses can gauge user feedback and build a solid foundation to create a more comprehensive app in the future.

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