8 Major Warning Signs That Your Refrigerator Is Broken

July 7, 2022
Justin Lumiere

Refrigerators, like all major appliances, need tender loving care. Maintenance is the key to the durability of any appliance, and for refrigerators, this is crucial. Among some of the most costly appliances today, refrigerators can be expensive if you have to replace them. Most people have problems that are repairable.

If refrigerator repair is a serious job, you may as well buy a new fridge. The majority of people own side-by-side refrigerators. Bottom and top freezer models are common too. For a side-by-side fridge less than five years of age, you will likely have issues that can be fixed. This is true for top and bottom freezer models that are seven years of age too.

How does a person know when to call a pro for help? There are warning signs that your fridge isn't doing its job or doing it well enough. You need to be aware of these and get help as soon as possible.

1. An Uncool Fridge

One of the most typical signs a refrigerator is broken is that it does not get chilled enough. You probably know how well it was cooling previously and can gauge when this has ceased. If your butter feels too soft or your food doesn't feel cold enough, your refrigerator is being "uncool" in more ways than one.

Your fridge probably has trouble maintaining the appropriate temperature. If you ignore this, not only will your food get spoiled, but your power bills will be high. Keep your refrigerator shut till your repairman does the job.

2. Bad Food

A broken refrigerator may experience a mild drop in its temperature. Changes in the temperature of your refrigerator may not be drastic enough for you to decipher. The slight temperature change could have dramatic implications for your food which may get spoiled fast.

3. Too Much Condensation

Condensation may occur in a refrigerator that is a bit old, but this is not a problem. An excess of condensation could be an issue, and this should never occur on food stored inside. This is another sign that your fridge is not cooling in the right way.

The mechanics of your refrigerator may have a problem. This could be anything from the soiling of the rubber sealant to some other malfunction. Tears in the rubber seal cause the cool air inside to leak out.

4. A Freezer Full of Ice

Your refrigerator may make ice fast, but this should be in its place, not in the entire freezer. This also implies that your refrigerator is having a challenge controlling the temperature. If your freezer ever looks like the surface of the North Pole, an appliance repair professional should be called without delay.

The good part is that you do not have to call in a repair person very quickly. You should finish the contents of the freezer, defrost it, and then call in a repair person. An option you have is to watch for any recurrent ice build-up once your freezer is defrosted. If it happens again, you need to repair it.

5. A Hot Motor

Refrigerator repair is of the utmost importance if your fridge motor is getting too hot. Your refrigerator's temperature may be maintained, but a hot motor is a signal that your fridge is working harder than it should. This implies that it is close to a breakdown. When you place your hand on the back of your fridge and you feel a burning hot surface, it's time to call in a professional.

6. A Loud Fridge

The refrigerators you get today are as silent as lambs. They don't make a single sound. At the most, a mild humming noise may be heard. This is so soft that you tend to ignore it. When a refrigerator's temperature exceeds the set level, its compressor and motor produce sounds.

If you notice that your refrigerator is making constant loud sounds in intervals, it is likely broken. Constant loud humming, clicking, buzzing, and hissing are also bad indicators. Since there are numerous reasons that your fridge makes different noises, you have to call in for a repair person.

7. A Flooded Floor

One of the signs a refrigerator is broken is when your floor has a puddle of water. In case you ever decide to push your fridge around and clean below it, you may find water. You should call your repair person on the double. A fridge should never leak. You may find a build-up of ice on your fridge walls too. This is another bad sign. You may also feel the water at the back of your broken refrigerator.

Water that leaks onto your fridge exterior, or on the floor, results in floor damage by water. Sometimes, water seepage may be mild and go unnoticed. You should make it a practice to pull out your fridge at least once in six months to "test the waters." This lets you know about water collection on the floor.

8. The Food Has Expired Before Time

In the event you have stored food in the fridge section or the freezer, you may find out that it has spoiled. You should check the expiry date on items like jam and frozen meat, and if dates have expired, food should be discarded.

In case you discover that food has spoiled prior to the date of expiry on the item, you may consider that you need an appliance repair person to look at your fridge. This may be a clear indication that your refrigerator is not functioning as well as it should be.


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