A 45 ACP RIP Ammo Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

45 acp rip ammo review

When it comes to self-defense ammo there are many options on the market. Whether you are looking for jacketed hollow points (JHP) or frangible rounds that are designed to break apart on impact, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, there are few rounds that are as effective in the field as the traditional full metal jacket (FMJ) bullet.

Ask any 1911 owner why they love their 45 ACP and you’re likely to get a monologue about how the Almighty commissioned John Moses Browning to create the ultimate handgun round that would be trusted by law enforcement officers and CCW permit holders alike for over a century. While the rumors may be exaggerated, there is no doubt that the cartridge is a mighty weapon of lethal destruction.

Unlike the other common pistol calibers of the day, the 45 ACP has a low-pressure cartridge that typically runs at 21,000 psi – considerably less than the 35,000 psi for the 9mm Luger or the 30,000 psi for the 40 S&W. It also fires a wider and heavier bullet than the other two calibers, which provides an incredible amount of stopping power in the hands of skilled operators.

Traditionally, most target practice and range ammo is loaded with FMJ or JHP bullets that are 185 or 200 grain in weight. These bullets are inexpensive and reliably feed in nearly all 45 ACP pistols on the market. Fortunately, a new option has recently come onto the market for those interested in exploring the potential of the cartridge. G2 Research has introduced their RIP rounds, which are nicknamed Radically Invasive Projectiles and feature a CNC-machined copper bullet with a unique design that’s intended to provide a high level of penetration while expanding at the point of contact.

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