A Brief Explanation of Bitcoin options trading

August 5, 2022
Natalie Thorburn

What is bitcoin options trading?

Simply put, bitcoin options allow the trader to buy or sell an asset at a predetermined price and date using a trading computer. They are a sort of derivative contract.

How Do Bitcoin Options Work?

There are two possible ways that bitcoin options trading can operate: cash settlement or BTC settlement. Buyers and sellers of Bitcoin options and Bitcoin contracts should know the settlement terms.

The Option to purchase or sell Bitcoin at or before the termination of the contract, often known as the expiry, is available to options holders and writers, but it is not a requirement. The premium value, the market value, and the average price of Bitcoin, among other variables, all affect the amount of profit.

Option holders and writers can buy or sell contracts at the strike price. There are two different options: American and European. European options contracts only permit execution on the day the contract expires, but American options allow traders to buy or sell the options contract before the expiration date.


Futures and Options Trading in Cryptocurrency: Differences

Options and futures are both derivatives that can be freely traded. Before one starts trading, every novice investor should know what options trading is and how it varies from futures trading. The main distinction between trading futures and options is that futures contracts are "obligatory," whereas options contracts are "optional."

For instance, you pay a premium to be able to buy or sell Bitcoin at a specific price on a particular date when you purchase a Bitcoin options trading contract. You don't need to do anything; the Option will expire or lapse if the price on that date is unfavorable for you. However, to complete the transaction and buy or sell the underlying investment in the case of a futures contract, you must wait until the settlement date.

The critical distinction is that where futures are primarily used for risk management, options permit market speculating. As a result, the maximum risk for an option contract buyer is the premium they paid. In contrast, the risk in a futures contract has no limit, making options trading considerably less risky than futures trading.

Benefits of Trading Cryptocurrency Options

The advantages of Bitcoin options Trading


Options trading limits the losses that result from falling prices in securities. Hedging is the term for this loss-reduction procedure.

Thus, options trading enables you to buy/sell cryptocurrencies at a fixed price over a fixed period and protects you from all the price swings.


Options trading allows you to benefit from crypto price gains without decreasing the total price. It suggests that you have control over the cryptocurrency’s purchase price.

Reduces Risk

Options trading also reduces the risk associated with your investments, which is another significant benefit.

Thus, options trading limits the risk associated with your investments compared to stock trading.

Varies for Various Markets

The crypto markets have a wide range of needs, and when trading options, the trader can modify his options' techniques by the market conditions he has selected.

Potentially Massive Returns

One can see greater returns on their capital while trading cryptocurrencies via options.

Consequently, adopting options trading will be a superior technique to increase the effectiveness of your cryptocurrency trade.

Crypto options trading strategies

Market Bulls

Calling options: When there are strong bull tendencies, and prices are rising, purchasing a call option can help you reduce your risk to the cost of the contract premium if the price doesn't increase as projected.

Market Declines

Put options: People who already own cryptocurrency face uncertainty and lack confidence when the market declines. However, put options can still turn a profit during a bear market. Purchasing a put contract guarantees you can exercise a sell at your predetermined price as the price declines.

Bitcoin Options Trading Tips

Regarding investments, Bitcoin options can be viewed as a relatively sophisticated trading tool, so experienced investors should use them more often.

Despite this, if you want to understand Bitcoin options, here are two valuable pointers to keep you protected while you navigate this asset class.

Select a reliable bitcoin options exchange.

Confirming that you are working with a reliable platform, as with any investment, is crucial. Unfortunately, not all media in the cryptocurrency realm are what they seem to be. Therefore it is advisable to not look into anything that seems fishy.

Fortunately, one can utilize several clear signs to assess whether a platform is reliable or not. These include having been in the business for a long time, adhering to regulations, and having a stellar track record for customer satisfaction.

Never deal with money that you cannot afford to lose.

Trading Bitcoin options can be a profitable investing strategy, but it is not without danger, and those risks can be rather expensive if specific safety measures are not implemented.

Frequently, Bitcoin options are just utilized as a reasonably priced means of risk hedging against your spot investments. Because of this, you should generally only have a limited portion of your portfolio allocated to options and try to steer clear of options that fall significantly out of the money that you can afford to lose.

Necessary Terms in Bitcoin Options Trading

Due to the technical terminology that is frequently used to describe it, Bitcoin options trading can be conceptually challenging, especially for novice traders. As a result, these are the essential phrases you need to comprehend if you want to enter into options trading or want to brush up on your investment jargon.


Consider opening a call option if you are optimistic about the price of bitcoin because it will let you purchase the cryptocurrency at the strike price even if the market price is higher. In addition, bitcoin call options allow you to predict the currency's future growth.


Open a put contract if you wish to short Bitcoin and think its price will decline throughout the option contract. It will let you sell Bitcoin at the strike price even if the market price is considerably lower.

Put options essentially let you make predictions about the value drop of an asset. The more that BTC declines before expiration, after you purchase a put option, the more valuable impact your Option has.

Strike Cost

The strike price of a Bitcoin option is one of the most crucial factors to consider when making a purchase. The price at which a Bitcoin option holder can buy (call option) or sell (put Option) when the Option is exercised, on the underlying asset, is known as the strike price.


The maturity date of an option is often referred to as the expiration date. It is the deadline for exercising the Option before it automatically expires. The seller shall have no further obligations towards the Buyer after the Maturity Date, and similarly the Buyer shall not be entitled to exercise the Option.

Options typically have a specified expiration date, ranging from 1 day to 1 week. You will forfeit the amount you paid for the Option if it is out of the money when it expires.


Trading bitcoin options may be difficult, perplexing, and dangerous. As with options trading, numerous reasons might cause unanticipated changes in a contract's value. In addition, changes in time decay, and implied volatility can cause traders to lose money even when the price advances favorably to the contract.



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