A Brinkman Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

brinkman review

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A co-founder of Providence's Fort Thunder cartooning collective/movement/"scene," Brinkman still eschews all social media and maintains a mysterious existence. But, thanks to the re-issue of Teratoid Heights and Multiforce in handsome cloth-bound "Museum Editions" from Italian publisher Hollow Books, his long-running series is finally accessible to a new generation of fans.

As with his other works, the Brinkmann reproduces music in a manner that is both focused and highly detailed on the one hand, yet refined, nuanced and relaxing on the other. It is like reading a well-crafted short story or novel; while you might occasionally pause to admire individual sentences, paragraphs or chapters, more often you read on, captivated by the movement of the work and the unfolding of its themes.

Brinkmann's smoke chamber is shaped in such a way that a water pan is perfectly positioned to slot into the foot of the chamber, acting as a shield as well as a means for creating steam. This is a small detail that goes a long way toward improving the overall quality of the smoker's performance.

The Brinkmann also comes with a specially designed tray for holding coals at the bottom of the smoker, which is a handy feature when loading and unloading charcoal. Lastly, this grill offers an independent side burner, which is ideal for heating sauces and other sides before adding them to the food being grilled. The addition of this feature is a big improvement over the flimsy plastic tray included with most other gas grills.

David Sunnyside
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