A Combloc Type 56 SKS Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

type 56 sks review

Whether you're adding to your collection of Combloc weapons, getting into centerfire hunting or looking for a simple rifle to shoot with your kids, the SKS is a solid option. It is an affordable, reliable, lightweight semi-automatic rifle chambered in 7.62x39mm. It has a fixed 10-round integral box magazine, milled receiver and hooded front post sight that has an elevation-adjustable base with 100-1,000 meter markings.

The SKS was designed to be an affordable infantry weapon with good accuracy and a light recoil that allowed soldiers to operate in demanding physical environments like Korea and Vietnam. The SKS also served with communist and aligned forces worldwide, including those of Romania, East Germany and, due to early Sino-Soviet amity, China as the Type 56.

SKSs are easy to maintain and have a relatively low cost. The receiver cover scope mount is a pain to remove for cleaning but a new one can be had from a variety of companies at a reasonable price. The factory stock has a short length of pull and can be uncomfortable for taller shooters, but there are slip-on buttpads available to help with this.

A good trigger job is an absolute must for any SKS, and this can be done by you or by a gunsmith. This is a great place to spend some extra money, and will make your SKS more accurate and enjoyable to shoot. If you're interested in mounting a magnified optic, there are aftermarket mounts that work well and don't block the sight window.

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