A Film Like Spree Is Based Off Of A Real Story?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

A film like Spree is based on a real story?

Movies have been tackling real-life crimes for decades. From rampant serial killers to heists, filmmakers have always been fascinated by gruesome details and the devastating consequences of deadly crimes. However, the latest horror-comedy from director Eugene Kotlyarenko takes on a different theme by exploring the modern phenomenon of social media influencers who prioritize online validation over their own safety and well-being.

The movie revolves around Kurt Kunkle, an obsessive ride-share driver who goes on a killing spree in search of online fame. The character is played by Joe Keery, who did a lot of research to portray the role of an Uber driver who becomes obsessed with gaining online popularity. Keery even watched videos of Tik Tok influencers to get a feel for the job.

While the movie does not closely resemble any actual case of Uber drivers going on a killing spree, it was inspired by one such incident that took place in 2016. The film’s co-writer Gene McHugh told Eugene Kotlyarenko that this particular case inspired them to make the movie.

While the movie does not cite any specific cases to prove its point that online fame can lead people to do dangerous things, it manages to capture the spirit of its characters perfectly. Its use of experimental camera techniques like dash-cam and phone footage adds to its eerie tone, as well as its uncanny emphasis on the merciless metrics of views and followers that define a person’s influence.

David Sunnyside
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