A Flashlight That Can Start a Fire

December 5, 2023
David Sunnyside

A flashlight that can start a fire is useful for many reasons. Whether you need to prepare for a power outage, zombie apocalypse, or intense interrogation to determine who broke the living room lamp, having a flashlight that can also ignite combustible materials could be very helpful.

Flashlights were first developed in the 19th century and came in a variety of shapes and sizes. These included hand-held units, lantern styles that hung from a neck strap, pocket-size models that fit in your hand, and searchlight-type bulbs for lighting distant objects. Improvements in batteries, including the emergence of carbon filament bulbs and dry cells that were more efficient than coal-based types, made flashlights much more practical and affordable.

The most popular type of flashlights use incandescent bulbs. These consist of a metal filament welded to two wires that pass though holes in a glass bulb. When an electric current flows through the filament, it heats up and emits light. Most modern flashlights have a reflective surface situated in front of the filament that redirects the light produced by the filament.

Most flashlights are designed to be plugged into an outlet and charged, but some are designed for emergency use. These flashlights are often referred to as “Division 2-approved” and must meet quality standards that include testing in hazardous locations. These flashlights may also feature a laser fire starter, which is a device that uses powerful beams to ignite combustible material.

David Sunnyside
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