A Lamton Laminate Flooring Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

Laminates are an excellent flooring option for those wanting to achieve the look of authentic wood floors at a much more affordable price. They are extremely durable and able to withstand the foot traffic of even busy homes for years to come. They also offer the benefit of being a great choice for those with allergies as laminates are manufactured without any use of harmful materials like formaldehyde.

There are a wide range of choices for anyone looking to purchase a lamton laminate flooring with almost all manufacturers now offering some sort of wood look product within their catalogue. Some of the best laminates on the market today are barely distinguishable from authentic hardwoods and stone products. Some of the more premium brands of laminate such as Quick-Step and Mohawk have been very active in developing new and interesting laminate floor designs over recent years, with their latest ranges boasting stunningly realistic travertine marbles and dramatic rugged slates.

The main drawback of laminate flooring is perhaps that it has a somewhat less prestigious feel to it than real hardwood floors, although this can be mitigated with the correct underlay system installed alongside your laminate floors. It is also worth remembering that unlike wood floors laminates are not naturally good at absorbing sound – again the use of a decent foam underlay can help to alleviate this problem.

If you are looking for a high quality laminate to buy then make sure you consider the brands that have been independently tested by NALFA (North American Laminate Floor Association). These brands will all have achieved certification indicating that their laminate floors have passed a series of rigorous tests that cover aspects like wear, scratch resistance and water damage.

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