A Look at What Gov. Jerry Brown Has Done

November 10, 2023
David Sunnyside

Whether it's how California treats its poorest, who gets the help of state programs and when they are targeted by crime, or how we balance industry demands with those of environmental stewardship, there's no shortage of issues for the governor to tackle. That's why voters are eager to see what he has done, especially now that the primary is over.

A look at the big things he's accomplished.

Among the biggest moves he's made:

He passed "Build Back Better," the largest social spending bill in decades. It included major health care reform, universal pre-kindergarten and paid family leave and $550 billion to combat climate change. It was paid for with new taxes on the uber rich and corporations.

He expanded his signature anti-poverty program, doubling the size of the Earned Income Tax Credit, which sends cash to low-wage workers. He has also made homelessness and child welfare early priorities, and is tackling economic inequality — a problem that spans regional, ethnic and generational fault lines that long predate him.

David Sunnyside
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