A Paper Doll Wholesale Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

paper doll wholesale review

Paper dolls, which are mess-free, portable and encourage creativity, were a popular toy for generations. Technological advances in the 19th century reduced the cost of printing and resulted in an explosion of illustrated, paper ephemera including books, magazines, prints, and paper dolls. These dolls and their little paper wardrobes communicate a wealth of information about the social expectations that society held for girls and women at specific moments in time.

One enduring archetype was the bridal doll, which publishers issued decade by decade, positioning marriage as an important life milestone that a girl might want to achieve. In contrast, a set published in 1942 included clothing for leisure activities, reflecting the aspirational lifestyle of the 1940's. By the late 1970's, after the women's rights movement, sets began to include career clothes, mirroring a shift in female employment.

This high-quality set of paper dolls from the costume designer for Black Panther features a musician and artist with actually cool outfits, plus a two-sided paper room for them to stand against (complete with Noguchi lamp). The perforated cardstock cuts easily with a pair of scissors, and there are holes in the limbs for brads (included) to move them around. The colors are vibrant, and the paper is thick enough that the dolls can hold up to hours of play.

This collection of more than 50 TV-themed paper dolls includes characters from Outlander, Game of Thrones, Scandal, The Office, Downton Abbey, Pushing Daisies, Curious George, Ozzie and Harriet, and more. Kids will enjoy dressing these TV stars in their favorite clothing and staging scenes from their favorite shows.

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