A Peruvian Girl Has Sex on Twitch

February 19, 2024
David Sunnyside

A Peruvian Twitch streamer who got booted from the platform for apparently having sex on live camera has been reactivated after seven days. During her August 24 broadcast, twitch user Kimmikka was seemingly responding to chatter when her facial expressions began to change. Eventually, viewers noticed a reflection in the window that seemed to show her partner doing something X-rated behind her. The clip was quickly shared on the popular Livestreamfail subreddit and prompted a swift ban.

Despite being banned, Kimmikka has been using her newfound fame to expand her social media presence and boost her TikTok following. Her Twitter account now boasts more than 9k followers, while her Instagram is over 21,000 strong. And, of course, she’s still attracting attention to her Twitch channel with her latest video that’s garnered more than 9k views.

Although Twitch has had a rocky history with moderating sexual content, it has recently decided to relax its rules slightly. The site’s community director claims that it will now allow some previously prohibited content, such as fictionalized breasts, genitals and buttocks, as long as it has a warning label.

But this is a dangerous precedent. If Twitch continues to bend over backward to protect a few individuals, it could put the livelihood of many others at risk. Besides, why does it take a bad word in chat or farting to get a ban but sitting nearly naked with your tits out doesn’t? It makes no sense at all.

David Sunnyside
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