A Twitch Streamer Has Sex on Stream

March 25, 2024
David Sunnyside

A streamer who was banned from Twitch for having sex on stream has had her account reactivated after seven days. The 21-year-old Peruvian woman known as Kim Mikka was live on the platform when viewers noticed her face had changed and she started to sound different. They soon spotted her partner performing an X-rated act in the window reflection. Mikka tried to cover it up by responding to questions, but her face gave it away. The incident went viral and she was banned for a week.

After the ban, she apologised and claimed it was a "drunken accident". She also reportedly told tech reporter Jake Lucky that her seven-day ban was short, but she wasn't able to provide screenshots or emails proving this.

Despite the controversy, Mikka's viewer base seems to have grown since the incident. According to stat-tracking website Sullygnome, her Twitch following count has gone from 231 to 546. Her other social media platforms have also exploded in popularity including TikTok, where she has over 120,000 followers.

The incident has brought renewed attention to sex on streaming. The topic has been a hot one this year as many viewers have complained about sexual content on the platform. In one case, a man who claimed he was addicted to watching female gamers masturbate while playing video games sued the site for $25 million. The plaintiff, San Francisco native Erik Estavillo, alleged that the women's outfits caused him to masturbate so much that he ended up hurting his penis.

David Sunnyside
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