A Twitch Streamer Has Sex on Stream

February 3, 2024
David Sunnyside

Disclaimer: This article contains mature subject matter that is of a sexual nature.

Twitch is a popular video gaming streaming service that allows gamers to watch other gamers play their favorite games live. It can be fun and interesting to watch a game being played, but it's even more entertaining when the streamer has a personality that adds to the gameplay. One streamer who has caught the attention of many viewers is Kimmikka. Kimmikka gained notoriety in a very unexpected way when she accidentally shared more than just her gaming skills with her fans.

The accidental sex on stream moment netted her a seven day ban from the site after viewers spotted her partner performing an X-rated act in her mirror reflection. Kimmikka quickly apologized and stated that the sexy incident was a drunken mistake.

A second raunchy clip has surfaced online that's been dubbed the "director's cut." Observant viewers can spot telltale items like Pringles chips and Christian Dior socks that reveal this new footage might be from the same night that led to her first ban.

This sex on stream drama has caused Twitch to make some changes. The company is consolidating its policies on sexual content and making it less confusing for women who want to stream their games without being penalized. In addition, the company will no longer require a label for streams that feature erotic dances like strip teases. However, the new policy doesn't open the door for sex games, sexual violence, or porn to be allowed on the platform.

David Sunnyside
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