Meet the Team

Tech-Exclusive was founded by Justin and David in 2020.


As the co-founder of, my engineering background fuels our commitment to a technology discourse that is as insightful as it is precise. Dedicated to clarity and innovation, I invite you to join us on a journey through the multifaceted world of technology and digital trends.


As a co-founder of Tech-Exclusive and a fervent advocate for cutting-edge technology, I marry groundbreaking research with the dynamic world of tech. Driven by the intricate interplay between innovation and daily life, I steer Tech-Exclusive towards new horizons in the integration of technology, lifestyle, and forward-thinking. Join us on this exciting voyage of discovery and transformation.


Head of Sales
Michael Abah, our distinguished Head of Sales at Tech-Exclusive, is the powerhouse of our client engagement strategies. He skillfully manages our communication channels, guaranteeing every interaction optimizes our sales potential and strengthens our partnerships.


Head of Content
Julie, Tech-Exclusive's Head of Content, moved to LA in 2017 to transform her flair for writing into a career, now honing in on the complexities of technology and innovation. Her expertise has sculpted the narrative of tech across diverse platforms, propelling the digital content landscape forward with every keystroke.


Sales Specialist
Precious is an integral part of Tech-Exclusive's sales force, renowned for her timely and engaging email interactions. She excels in client correspondence, ensuring every query is addressed with professionalism and a deep comprehension of our users' technological interests.


Parker Ashwood, Tech-Exclusive's leading writer, skillfully explores the domains of technology and innovation. Beyond content curation, he enhances our tech blog, pens insightful articles, and delves into the digital revolution's impact on everyday life.
When the pandemic had us climbing the walls, my cousin Justin and I took a 'workation' to Palm Springs, armed with sunscreen and a daring plan to disrupt the tech world. Between poolside brainstorming and laptop tan lines, Tech Exclusive was born—a blend of Justin's tech-savviness and my way with words. Not even a renegade cockroach or our Subaru's dramatic breakdown could derail our spirits. It's more than just a website; it's a battle cry against boredom and a testament to what two cousins can do with a little sun, a lot of coffee, and a rogue insect encounter! For more information feel free to contact us.
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