AC Delco Spark Plug Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

ac delco spark plug review

Every engine needs a spark plug to create electricity to ignite the air and fuel mixture. Whether it is your car, lawnmower or watercraft engine, a new set of spark plugs can help your machine perform better and make you gas mileage go up. Luckily, most people can replace their own spark plugs without having to schedule an appointment with a mechanic. Before you pick out a spark plug, consider what type you need. You want to find one that meets International Organization for Standardization and Society of Automobile Engineers standards, and can handle harsh conditions. Look for a model with a platinum alloy or iridium center electrode that can increase the electric current at the gap to produce a stronger spark, and has a tapered ground and center electrode design to prevent misfiring and allow the spark to travel further. A yttrium-enhanced alloy can also reduce side wire temperatures, increasing performance.

AC Delco offers a wide variety of spark plugs. Their Professional Iridium, Double Platinum, RAPIDFIRE single platinum, Conventional and Marine Spark Plugs, Glow Plugs and Outdoor Power Equipment Spark Plugs are engineered to offer everyday reliability and efficiency giving up to 100,000 km# of service in some applications. With 100 years of experience and innovation, you can trust the ACDelco name.

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