Accra Shaft Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

If you’re serious about improving your golf game and increasing your distance off the tee, getting custom fit for driver, fairway woods, or hybrid shafts should be top of mind. The shaft is the most important component to maximizing your tee-to-green execution.

Known for their high quality and performance, Accra shafts are among the best on the market. The brand offers a wide selection of shafts, making it easy to find the perfect one for your game. However, because of their quality and performance, accra shafts can be more expensive than other brands.

Advancing the successful Tour Z series, the TZ5 shaft is smoother and more responsive than ever before. This shaft is ideal for golfers who are looking to shave spin off their driver drives and increase their driving distance and accuracy. It’s available in a variety of weights and flexes that can be built to match the needs of every player.

The TZ Six utilizes new high modulus materials to reduce torque without sacrificing the feel that made the Tour Z so popular. This results in a powerful yet controlled shaft that generates power through a firm butt section. The softer tip section also increases energy transfer to the ball for more carry and longer distance.

This shaft is a good option for lower handicap golfers, as it is more flexible than other Accra shafts. The softer tip section also helps to control spin and adds a bit more stability. Additionally, the iSeries Tour shaft features an exclusive Ti-Mesh material that reduces ovaling more than any other graphite iron shaft on the market.

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