Agadir Shampoo Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

agadir shampoo review

The daily moisturizing cleanser is gentle on colour treated hair and leaves your tresses moisturized, smooth and conditioned with an awesome aroma that awakens your senses. The color preserving formula helps keep your hair looking great even after several shampoos.

Agadir hair products are infused with argan oil derived from the nut of the rare and exotic Moroccan Argan Tree. The unique, hydrating oil is rich in essential fatty acids and contains carotenes. It is also known to reduce frizz, promote hair growth and provide a beautiful, healthy shine.

These high-quality shampoos, conditioners and masques are available in a variety of bottle sizes and attractive banded packs. Ideal for salons, hairdressers, barbershops and spas.

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