Airbnb WordPress Plugin: Review Slider

March 18, 2022
Tech Exclusive

Plugin Description

Airbnb WordPress Plugin is a great tool to easily display your Airbnb reviews on your WordPress site. It creates a really cool static grid or a slide to showcase your reviews. A great thing about this plugin is that it is mobile-friendly. It’s super helpful because most people tend to use their phones more and more every day. It is also compatible with Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge.

With this plugin, you are able to create as many review templates for your site as you desire. Another great benefit of this is that all reviews come equipped with the official Airbnb logo. This makes it so that the reviews are undisputed to viewers. Not only that but Airbnb is checked daily for new reviews. Additionally, each review template can be customized and you can even add Custom CSS. There are many template display options to chose from. You have options like border radius, show/hide date, show/hide star rating, background, and text colors. You are even able to sort your reviews however you like. From random, or newest to oldest, or even based on stars. Speaking of stars, this Airbnb review slider plugin has more than 40 5-star ratings!

LJ Apps created this plugin for its WordPress users to be able to easily display Airbnb reviews on their own websites. It is so easy to use and really makes your website pop. With loads of 5-star reviews, you should really check it out and see for yourself. It’s easy to install and navigate. It’s also been recently updated. Check out the link below to read the reviews and decide if it’s the perfect review plugin for you!

Specifications: Airbnb WordPress Plugin

Photos: Airbnb WordPress Plugin

Airbnb WordPress Plugin


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