AirTag Accessories: Enhance and Secure Your Tracking Device

May 26, 2024
Justin Lumiere

Apple AirTag is a revolutionary tool that helps users keep track of their belongings with ease. While the device itself is incredibly handy, investing in suitable accessories like key chains, straps, mounts, and cases can significantly enhance its functionality and usability.

Importance of Accessories

Accessories play a crucial role in securing Apple AirTags to various items like keys, bags, and luggage. By using key chains, straps, or mounts, users can prevent their AirTags from getting lost, ensuring that their belongings remain easily locatable.

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Variety of Accessories

The market offers a diverse range of AirTag accessories, including key chain holders, straps, and customizable cases. Some notable brands include Apple, Otterbox, Cyrill, Caseology, Spigen, Nomad, Pelican, and Casetify. Additionally, users can explore DIY mounting options utilizing products like Gorilla mounting tape squares, adding a personalized touch to their AirTags.

Pricing and Availability

Prices for AirTag accessories vary across different brands, with some products occasionally being out of stock but expected to return soon. Keeping an eye on availability and being aware of price ranges can help users make an informed purchase.

Accessory TypeDescriptionNotable BrandsPrice Range
Key Chain HoldersHolds the AirTag securely and can be attached to keys, bags, or luggage.Apple, Spigen, Nomad$10 - $40
StrapsFlexible and durable straps to attach AirTags to various items.Otterbox, Caseology$5 - $25
Customizable CasesPersonalized cases that offer protection and style for your AirTags.Cyrill, Casetify$15 - $50
Mounting SolutionsDIY options including Gorilla mounting tape squares for custom mounts.Generic, DIY$5 - $20
Premium Leather AccessoriesHigh-quality leather cases providing luxurious feel and durability.Nomad$30 - $70
BatteriesCR2032 coin batteries for replacing AirTag batteries.Generic$2 - $10

Battery Replacement

Maintaining the longevity of your Apple AirTags involves regular battery replacements. The recommended approach is to buy a pack of CR2032 coin batteries at a lower cost, ensuring that your device remains operational for longer periods.

Expert Opinions

CNET's staff provides expert insights and recommendations on various AirTag accessories. These reviews highlight key features, design elements, and the overall functionality of each product, helping users choose the best accessories for their needs.

Ongoing Updates

CNET continues to test and review new Apple AirTag accessories, ensuring that readers have access to the latest information and product recommendations. By staying updated, users can explore new options and functionalities for their AirTags over time.

Premium US Leather Accessories

Some AirTag accessories are made from premium top grain US leather, emphasizing quality and craftsmanship. These handcrafted accessories not only provide durability but also add a touch of luxury to the AirTags, making them a stylish addition to any item they are attached to.

The Apple AirTag, in conjunction with the Find My app, offers a seamless tracking solution for various belongings. By leveraging the right accessories, users can enhance the security and longevity of their AirTags, ensuring they always know the whereabouts of their important items.

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