Aldila Rogue 110 Msi 60 Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

aldila rogue 110 msi 60 review

The aldila rogue 110 msi 60 review has become one of the most popular driver shafts on the market. It is a very responsive, stable driver that provides unmatched control and feel. The rogue 110 msi 60 supports reasonable trajectory paths and low ball spin rates, making it an ideal choice for players with different skill sets.

The rogue 110 msi is made from graphite but also uses pitch fiber, which has a very favorable strength to weight ratio. It's a very strong, resilient material that allows the shaft to hold its shape throughout the swing.

It has a higher balance point thanks to thicker walls near the butt end and it promotes faster clubhead speeds. The rogue 110 msi has two weight groups and three flex options, which makes it an excellent choice for players with different skill levels.

This rogue 110 msi has a very stiff tip section that promotes a mid to low launch angle with low spin. It is a great choice for mid handicap players who want a stable, accurate shaft that has a consistent feel and response.

Another great feature of this rogue 110 msi is that it is counterbalanced to make sure it works well with today's heavier drivers heads and longer lengths. This helps to keep the shaft stiff and lower torque without adding too much weight to the shaft.

The rogue 110 msi uses extremely high modulus “Graphitic Carbon” fibers to deliver superior performance characteristics never before found in a golf shaft. This new technology allows the rogue 110 msi to provide exceptional strength-to-weight ratio for better players worldwide.

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