Alliance Technology Territory Guardian Increases Which Attribute?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

How many troops can governors send with a level 17 City Hall or higher?

Which of these actions can only be performed by alliance leaders or titled officers?
What is the maximum number of King’s Road decorative buildings a governor can construct?
Which of these achievements can be earned by healing 100,000 injured troops in the hospital?
Which of these actions can be performed by both alliance leaders and titled officers, but not non-titled officers?
What is the name of the event that can be activated once a week by the alliance leader if the alliance’s territory exceeds 500 square tiles?
During the Territory Boss event, random boss monsters will be generated on the alliance’s territory. Killing these monsters will earn alliances rewards and also points. At the end of the week, alliances will be ranked according to their total points and the highest ranked alliances will receive additional rewards.

What does the alliance technology territory guardian increase?

When this technology is researched, the allied troop’s Gathering Speed will be increased while fighting in an alliance castle or on alliance territory. This will also help to prevent allied soldiers from being killed by enemy armies while gathering resources in these locations. Additionally, the number of elite mines that will appear on the world map will increase and these mines can be collected by any member of an alliance. These mines will also replenish their resources over time. Having these upgrades in place will ensure that your alliance has the resources necessary to be competitive!

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